Far From The Tree Animated Short Trailer Reveals Disney+ Release Date

The animated short Away from the Tree will premiere on Disney+ on the same day as its feature film counterpart, Encanto, just in time for Christmas Weekend.

Disney+ has announced a release date and trailer for the animated short. away from the tree. Following on from the old Disney tradition of playing short films before features, away from the tree Predated Walt Disney Animation Studios Charm When it was released in theaters in November. away from the tree It follows the story of a young raccoon who grows up to realize that his style of parenting is not much different from that of his mother, and is an allegory of the influence of generations intended to be a proper companion for the family. Charm.

away from the tree Disney+ hits Friday, same day Charm, as announced in a recently released trailer. Animated short run 2D in about 7 minutes. Check out the trailer below:

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Both away from the tree And Charm Come to the streaming service about a month after their theatrical debut, which is a bit early compared to other Disney movies. Marvel Studios movies shang chi And eternity, for exampleAnd It will or will debut on Disney+ approximately two months after its release dates. However, families will have at least two new animated films to stream in time for the Christmas holidays, without having to pay an additional fee.

away from the tree Written and directed by Natalie Norigat, Ruth Strother serves as a producer. Norigat was also behind the short film student exchange, which was released exclusively on Disney+ as part of the studio’s Short Circuit. away from the tree It recently received a nomination for Best Short Film from the Hollywood Critics Association, whose gala has just been postponed from January 8 to February 28 amid growing COVID-19 concerns.

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Source: Disney + / YouTube

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