‘FBI Most Wanted’: Julian McMahon Previews Mall Shooting Holiday Episode

FBI: Most WantedEnd of Fall differs not only in that it airs an hour earlier (this Tuesday at 9/8c), but in how it represents a “big departure” for CBS’s procedural grounds, says series leader Julian McMahon.

The outing opens festive enough with McMahon’s special agent Jess Lacroix for Christmas shopping with his daughter Tali (YaYa Gosselin), girlfriend Sarah (Jen Landon) and father Byron (Terry O’Quinn). But once they bump into fellow FBI agent Sheryl Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) and her waiting wife Charlotte (Vedna Jacquet), gunshots resound throughout the mall, as three masked and armored shooters terrorize shoppers.

LaCroix and Barnes quickly swing into action, doing their best to ensure the safety of their loved ones while also trying to neutralize the threat; Along the way, they get help from a former Texas lawman, played by K. Todd Freeman (series of bad events). Meanwhile, special agents Gibson, Ortiz and Jeans (played by Keisha Castle Hughes, Miguel Gomez, and Alexa Davalos) work on the case from the outside.

The following is the “big departure” of FBI: MW “Regarding form,” McMahon tells TVLine. “We usually start with the Muster Room thing where we get information about what happened, then go through an interrogation and eventually end up arresting the bad guy.” However, the fall finale, “it starts as a Christmas episode, and then everything falls apart, so to speak, and becomes a format in itself—something we haven’t done on this show.”

Most Wanted by the FBIJess’s father is drawn to the experience of daring at one point – “It was so wonderful, the moment he steps forward and says it’s the time in his life where he has to do something,” his son’s TV cheers – while Tally and Sarah form a stronger, long-elusive bond due to the horrific ordeal. McMahon shows it, “The Sarah/Tali thing was really nice.” “It’s very interesting being under a lot of pressure, and what comes out of that.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl is stunned when she realizes that Charlotte has never made it out to safety.

“Emotionally speaking, the connective tissue of this episode is different,” McMahon says. “You have pretty much all of your family members in the mall, and it connects them all via an emotional line because this tragic moment touches everyone’s lives in a way that you can’t do without an extreme reality. Normally you go to Jess’s house, or you go to Barnes’s…but that’s it adverb everyone. They are all connected and have a common goal.”

Most Wanted by the FBIAlthough McMahon promises so the most wantedThe end of autumn “ends with a Christmas bow”, the fact is that in America today there is absolutely no good time to broadcast such an episode, especially since viewers defy the malls themselves. But McMahon has to wonder if seeing fictional FBI agents take down some bad guys somehow provides relief from the stresses of the real world.

“It’s an interesting thing…. I kind of feel like with these shows, it’s always being asked, ‘What’s the audience getting out of this, and why do they keep coming back?’ The Australian actor shares. “I was thinking over the weekend that there was always something to build on. Which is tragic, but there may be something in the fact that when you sit down and watch a show like this, with All The things that happen in the world, it’s as if you can hand the responsibility and affirmation of what is happening in our society to Jess Lacroix and his team and say, ‘Go take care of it for me’, and that’s what they do.

“For an hour of your life, you give responsibility to someone else and see the good guys win,” he continues. “It’s almost therapeutic, where you say, ‘It’s all crazy, but these guys are going to fix it’—and at the end of the day, Act. I’d like to think there’s solace in that.”

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