First Trailer Reveals a New Hero’s Rise in DC’s Latest TV Series

Naomi It debuted on The CW in less than a month and on Monday, the network released the first trailer for the upcoming DC Comics-inspired series. The new trailer comes after new images of Season 1 were released earlier today that revealed not only a new look for Naomi herself, played by Kaci Walfall, but a character named Dee (Alexander Wraith), who happens to be a winged alien from the planet Thanagar. The new trailer also gives us a glimpse of Law & Order: SVU The character of alum Stephanie Marsh in the series. The March selection was announced last week. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

Naomi Follows a teenage girl’s journey from her small northwest town to the expanse of the multiverse after a supernatural event that rocks her hometown and prompts Naomi to set out to uncover her origins with what she discovers defies everything we’ve come to believe our heroes. In addition to Walfall, Wraith, and March, Naomi Starring Camila Moreno, Cranston Johnson, Barry Watson, Mary Charles Jones, Aidan Jim, Mozam McCar, Will Myers, and Danielle Puig. The string is written and executed by when they see usAva DuVernay and Arrow writer Jill Blankenship.

DuVernay Array Filmworks in association with Warner Bros Television will produce, and Sarah Bremner and Paul Garnes will serve as executive producers. Formerly named co-executive producer, DeMane Davis will also direct several episodes of the series and oversee the directing team.

“Growing up, I would wear a Cap’n Crunch hoodie while watching Bugs Bunny every Saturday. I imagined a lot of things, but at the time I saw him leaning against the Warner Bros. logo, I don’t think I imagined this,” Davis said in a statement. “I am forever grateful [Naomi co-executive producer] Ava [DuVernay] To put me on this missile ship. Getting to “Home” and working with her and with my Array family Naomi She is a gift.”

You can see Naomi’s official summary below.

Naomi It follows the journey of a gorgeous, confident, comic book-loving teen as she pursues her hidden destiny. When a supernatural event rocks her hometown of Port Oswego to the core, Naomi sets out to reveal her origins, with a little help from her best friend Annabelle (Mary Charles Jones, “Kevin Can Wait”). She also has the support of her adoptive parents, veteran military officer Greg (Barry Watson, “7th Heaven,” The Loudest Voice”) and linguistics teacher Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar, “The Fix”). After a meeting with Zompadow (Cranston Johnson, “Dirty Rich”) ), the mysterious owner of a used car park, leaving it shaky, Naomi turns to tattoo parlor owner D (Alexander Wraith, “Orange is the New Black”), who becomes her reluctant teacher. While unraveling the mystery herself, Naomi also navigates easily in her school friendships. High School with kids at the military base as well as local townspeople, including ex-boyfriend and high school jock Nathan (Daniel Puig); Annabelle’s loyal longtime friend Jacob (Aidan Gemme); proud Anthony “Townie” (Will Myers, “Bad Education”) ); and fellow comic book fan Lourdes (Camila Moreno), who works in an antique bookstore. As Naomi travels to the heights of the multiverse in search of answers, what she discovers will challenge everything we think about our heroes.”

Naomi Premieres Tuesday, January 11th at 8/9c on The CW.


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