Florida pulls pro-vaccination television ads, replacing with spots that don’t mention vaccines

MIAMI-DADE County, Florida. State-sponsored commercials promoting COVID-19 vaccines have been pulled from the air in Florida.

The new ads that have replaced them do not mention the vaccine.

The patches are produced by the Florida Department of Health, which then disseminates them to stations across the state. The trend of new ads is coming straight from the top, Governor Ron DeSantis, and the change has been noticeable.

New Florida General Surgeon Dr. Joseph. Ladapo appears in the new ad, which features a vaccine, but never says the word. The video can be viewed below:

The new ad also shows the location of the monoclonal antibody in Tropical Park, which Regeneron ran out of supplies on Tuesday.

It’s housing Covid patients and also encouraging exercise and vitamins, all under Governor DeSantis’ directive.

In March, the Biden administration launched a billion-dollar ad campaign about the importance of a vaccine.

Initially, Florida also, in mid-September, funded federal Covid relief funding that foot the bill.


These videos have featured local chaplains, sports stars and health department veterans. One can be seen below, the other by clicking here.

These continued until early November, when the state health department made an abrupt change.

The decision was made to pull those footage promoting the vaccine in TV markets across the state, rather than operate Covid-funded anti-smoking sites while the new campaign was being developed.

In the new campaign, which stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system and staying active, there is no mention of vaccines.

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