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exclusiveMarVista Entertainment: Fox Entertainment has acquired MarVista Entertainment, the prolific independent studio that produces and distributes original films for traditional and broadcast networks worldwide. No one commented, but the sources estimated the value of the deal at more than $100 million.

The acquisition, led by Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier and MarVista CEO and co-founder Fernando Zio, gives Fox production capabilities in the live script space to complement its production capabilities in unscripted mode across Fox Alternative Entertainment and in script animation. Arena through the acquisition of Bento Box.

In addition to a production infrastructure that supports a busy pipeline of approximately 80 titles per year across all genres, MarVista offers its business model for efficient production and well-established global distribution process as well as a catalog of more than 2,500 hours (approximately 750 hours titles) of proprietary software, Including a large list of holiday movies.

“Twisted House Sitter”

Libraries are becoming increasingly valuable amid the current proliferation of streaming platforms that need content to scale. This includes the AVOD Tubi, which was acquired by Fox Entertainment 21 months ago. MarVista Entertainment has already presented three original films for Tubi, action films Twisted house sister And deadliest lie, Which you produced, holiday theme A chance for Christmasthat you distribute. The films, which were commissioned before Fox and MarVista takeover talks, have done well at the streaming service whose original programming strategy is based on movies.

Los Angeles-based MarVista was acquired with Tubi in mind as Fox looks to drive the company’s digital growth. MarVista will focus on developing and producing content for the AVOD platform. In addition, the studio will also continue to work with its list of external buyers and co-production partners, while distributing its own content – and third-party content – globally.

Szew will remain at the helm of MarVista after the acquisition, and will report to Stefan Reinhardt, Fox Entertainment’s head of production strategy and operations. The company’s offices will move to the Fox area.

missing piece

Since Fox became an independent broadcast network after Disney’s 2020 acquisition of its sister studio 20th Century Fox Television (among other 20th Century Fox assets), Fox Entertainment has worked steadily and eagerly to build and acquire production capabilities through the launch of Fox Alternative Entertainment and acquisitions from Bento Boxes. , TMZ, whose television programs are broadcast on Fox stations, and Studio Ramsay, the network’s top reality star company, Gordon Ramsay, with whom Fox Entertainment recently launched its new jointly owned production entity Studio Ramsay Global. MarVista provides a missing piece in the process Fox Entertainment built a post-Disney deal, resulting in global distribution capacity that Fox didn’t have inside.

“Thus, the next ability that Fernando and the team filled in very well was to have a forward-looking strategic production and distribution entity that is globally respected,” Collier said in an interview with Deadline. “We looked at the market. We spoke to a number of players. We wanted something with a disciplined approach and an appropriate size.”

Collier emphasized that “Fox is not trying to rebuild what it sold. In fact, we’re leaping a lot forward, and in this acquisition, we’re disciplined and pioneering and we’ve brought in a partner in Fernando – and everyone at MarVista – where we can get to market in a really smart and strategic way.”

While original films for TV and live broadcasts have been MarVista’s core business, the company has experience producing and distributing scripted series, including power Rangers Franchise business. Fox Entertainment is currently producing its first wholly owned live script series, monarch. There have been no discussions yet about MarVista taking over production/distribution of the show, but Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorne has been in touch with Hannah Belmer, MarVista’s Chief Creative Officer. and her team to explore potential collaborations.

Thorn and his Fox Entertainment team have been experimenting with different development and production models, including creating a scripted series in an effective way for the summer, which fantasy island Rebooting from Sony TV is done under. This fits in with MarVista’s programming strategy of producing original textual content at an attractive price.

‘Deadly Adoption’ by Marvista

“Content is guaranteed, and things are converging,” Szew told Deadline. “So if you’re making a movie and maybe doing a bunch of movies or doing a limited series, those are the areas we’re looking to play in; we have that kind of experience, but the approach we’ve taken has always been very disciplined. When we had relatively limited resources, we were We’re very focused on what we’ve done best, which is the movies.”

Fox will explore the implementation of MarVista’s intelligent and efficient approach to development and production to try to improve production processes company-wide. In addition, the network will have access to MarVista’s next-generation talent pool of first-time storytellers, creators, and directors that the company often hires for its films.

Szew and Scott Greenberg, CEO of Bento Box, know each other well, and there have already been talks about the possibility of MarVista distributing the Fox Entertainment-owned animated series internationally, starting with Dan Harmon. krabopolis, Collier said. (unrecorded series owned by Fox Alternative, including masked singer And alternate character, It is distributed internationally by Propagate.)

“Scott at Bento Boxes and I, who were neighbors at MIPCOM, were talking about a few things as we were able to talk to international partners and looking forward to doing some innovative and interesting co-production arrangements and early distribution arrangements,” said Szew. .

Fox Future MarVista

Launched in 2003, MarVista has been welcomed by a number of potential suitors over the past five years, with interest intensifying amid the pandemic, Szew admitted.

“Exiting Covid, with the success that we had despite the difficulties in the early days of the pandemic, once we align the protocols, define them and work with external partners to do that, we come out of Covid stronger than we were. massive over content and especially content that can be produced efficiently and effectively,” he said.

When he invited Fox to throw his hat in the ring, Szew had dinner with Collier. “Meeting him at the first dinner, it was very clear to me that I had hoped—which has now been confirmed—to join a very like-minded company with a very entrepreneurial and forward-thinking spirit that would allow us to continue to be smart,” said Szyu. And be our best. “This is the promise I make to myself and to my people, which is that we can continue to do what we love but do it with more resources. I think the sky is the limit for what our growth can be.”

At the conclusion of Fox Entertainment’s acquisition of MarVista, which came after a long period of courtship, the company’s 2,500-hour library will no longer automatically become available on Tubi.

“It’s been talked about a lot already, it’s already under the windows, and we’re going to stick to all those agreements, needless to say,” Szew said. “We will continue to be good partners and look for the best for the content. A lot of times, as the market seems to be going right now with a lot of opportunity for the kind of fare we take to market is really doing faster, shorter, sometimes non-exclusive windows. So if the market develops We will continue to evolve with the market.”

“However, there is already MarVista (content) on Tubi, and there will definitely be more of it,” Collier said, adding that Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer at Tubi and his team “were very excited about the acquisition as well because it aligns with their strategy, both in terms of acquisition and The disciplined original programming aspect.”

Szew stressed the company’s commitment to its existing third-party partners after it became part of Fox. “We look forward to being better partners with the existing partners we have worked hard to match and serve both locally and internationally,” he said.

MarVista’s notable production partnerships include an agreement with Lionsgate to reproduce classic television films from the Hearst Library as well as agreements with WarnerMedia in Latin America; Wenchama in Canada.

“under the covers”
Disney Channel

Recent third-party titles produced and distributed by MarVista include the upcoming Prime Video Christmas is canceledstarring Hayley Urancia, Dermot Mulroney and Janelle Parrish; Netflix Falling Inn Love, starring Christina Milian and Adam Demos; Disney Channel / Disney + themed Halloween under the covers; Christmas candy coated for Food Network/Discovery+; #fbf, Young Independent starring Ashley Judd; The Spanish language movie happy birthday process For HBO Max in Latin America.

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