Fox News Channel again clocks in as number one in basic cable for total day, primetime viewers

Fox News was the highest-rated network on all of the major cables with total viewers today and prime time during the week of December 13-19.

It was the 18th straight week that Fox News defeated CNN and MSNBC combined in all categories. For the week, Fox News had 62 of the top 100 television channels. In prime times, Fox News gained 2,240,000 viewers, 336,000 among the advertisers’ coveted demographic of adults aged 25-54, and 212,000 in demo 18-49 at the time. Peak.

Fox News has defeated CNN and MSNBC across the board for the 18th consecutive week.
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In total, Fox News continued to dominate cable television, gaining 1,379,000 viewers, 213,000 in demo 25-54 and 135,000 in demo 18-49. Fox News also averaged nine of the top 10 cable news programs with a total viewership and 14 of the top 15 cable news programs with 25-54 demo. At prime times, Fox News had 53% of cable news share with total viewers and 53% of total day viewership share.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson.


The success of the singles highlights the channel’s overall popularity.

“The Five” was the most watched cable news program this week with an average of 3,191,000 viewers. Tucker Carlson Tonight was the top TV news show with 481,000 viewers on demo 25-54 and 302,000 viewers on demo 18-49, locking in 314,000 viewers in total for the week. “Hannity” ranked third on the news channels with a total of 2,628,000 viewers. “Special Report” was the fourth most watched satellite news program with 2,281,000 viewers.

Fox News repeat “FOX News Sunday”, presented by Brett Beyer, has had an increase in viewership week by week. The show has served 843,000 viewers and 107,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, and tops every Sunday show on CNN and MSNBC with the same show. On the Sunday programme, Senator Joe Manchin, Deutsche Welle. Virginia, announced that he would oppose President Biden’s Building Back Better bill.

Fox’s late-night show “Gotfield!” It averaged 1,892,000 viewers, beating out “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Work crew "Gutfeld!"

The staff of “Gutfeld!”

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“FOX & Friends” garnered 1,316,000 viewers and 209,000 in demo 25-54, marking the 39th consecutive week. Topped the morning’s cable news quiz across all categories. CNN’s “New Day” continued to struggle, recording its worst week of the entire year with 359,000 viewers in this category and 58,000 viewers aged between 25 and 54. MSNBC’s Morning Joe drew 845,000 viewers and 90,000 on demo 25-54.

CNN and MSNBC saw a number of declines during the week. In today’s total, the former network secured 99,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, which was the second lowest viewership of the year. “New Day” averaged 58,000 viewers for the same demo, the lowest the show had seen since May 2014. MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” was also the lowest rated 25-54 of all time following the recent departure of Brian Williams.


CNN and MSNBC also lost to Hallmark Channel in total day and primetime with total viewers.

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