Fox Renews Jay Leno-Hosted ‘You Bet Your Life’ And 3 Other Syndicated Shows Through 2022-23 Season – Deadline

Fox Corp’s Fox First Run distribution unit has revamped four original syndicated shows, including a reboot of Jay Leno’s hosted by Jay Leno. You are betting on your life.

The first-year show will run on Fox-owned stations through the 2022-23 season. Another series extended for another year includes 25 words or less, a game show hosted by Meredith Vieira, as well Nation dish And divorce court.

Especially since it became a smaller TV-focused company in 2019 after selling most of the previous 21st Century Fox to Disney, Fox Corp. has relied on its lineup of stations. With 29 stations and a presence in nine of the 10 largest US markets, the wallet is a reliable source of revenue.

“The main priority of Fox First Run is to always focus our audience first, by allowing them to show up, contribute, play and win,” said Stephen Brown, Executive Vice President of Programming for Fox Television Stations. “All of our programming, both current and in development, has two main components – inclusive interaction and pure entertainment.”

With Leno taking over the host role that Groucho Marx has occupied for decades, You are betting on your life For the first time last September. It’s Leno’s first daily TV show since he ended his career Tonight Show In 2009. Kevin Eubanks, who led Tonight Show The band, co-hosts with Leno. According to Fox, the show is the smallest group game show, with the highest concentration of major demos in this category.

You are betting on your life Surveyed in all 100 largest markets, as well as in Canada. In most markets, it runs early and arrives between 5pm and 8pm, and is prime real estate. Tom Werner is the program’s executive producer. David Horowitz is also an executive producer and model.

Vieira is the executive producer of 25 words or less, which had a summer audition in 2018 before making its co-debut in fall 2019. The game’s half-hour demo has been surveyed in 98% of the country. Besides Vieira, executive producers include Lisa Kudrow, Dan Bukatinsky, Mary McCormack, Michael Morris, and show director Michael Kanter and Bruce Stirtin.

Nation dish It was on the air 10 years ago and the comedy/entertainment news program is now surveyed in 85% of the country. The show uses teams of talent on air in different cities, including Sherry Shepherd.

divorce courtHosted by Judge Faith Jenkins and produced by Lincolnwood Productions, it is in its 23rd season and is the longest-running judicial show on television.

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