General Hospital Spoilers: Luke Spencer Tragedy Strikes – Tracy’s Bombshell Hits Port Charles?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers are teased that the tragedy of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) may strike and cause a grieving bomb to explode in Port Charles. Let’s think about what we know so far – starting with the upcoming comeback period of Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot).

Tracy usually returns to the PC only if she has a good reason, and it looks like her reason may involve Luke’s tragic news this time around.

We know that Laura will have an unexpected visitor in early 2022. She will be left reeling by this sudden arrival and the hard trauma that it entails.

During the week of January 3-7, there will be complete devastation on the canvas of the General Hospital. There are going to be some amazing, heart-breaking updates.

From the sound of things, Laura would be particularly affected by this news. Kevin Collins (John Lindstrom) will encourage Laura to trust him, even in the wake of her trying to come to terms with what she’s learned.

Given Laura’s history with Luke and Tracy’s relationship with him as well, it’s possible that Tracy returns home to reveal that Luke is dead.

Of course, it seems like an exaggeration to assume Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is dead, Corbin’s newborn death and now a potential tragedy for Luke.

However, this is a daytime drama and that means dramatic things happen!

If Anthony Jerry made it clear to GH that he would never come back, they might have decided that killing Luke would bring in some good stuff.

Then again, it could be the case that Luke was seriously injured or even in a coma.

This seems like more of a case of Luke disappearing or something, but there’s always a chance that Luke will come back alive again. Only that the evidence indicates that Luke is hulk

There is no confirmation on the future source of the destruction, but it should be large enough to completely shock Port Charles, affect Laura in particular and tie in with Tracy’s return.

There is no denying that Luke’s death or at least some sort of Luke-related tragedy checks all boxes.

We’ll keep you posted when other GH details emerge. General Hospital spoilers say some heartbreak is approaching in the new year, so stay tuned.

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