GMA’s Michael Strahan launches into space for life-altering experience – see what happened

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Michael Strahan Fans were left holding their breath as he descended into space on the adventure of a lifetime with Blue Origin. The TV host was eagerly waiting for this moment next I was only a few days late.

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But on December 11th, he did something he thought he could only dream of and soared to the edge of space with spaceflight company Jeff Bezos. On board there was a mixture of celebrity guests, pushing space enthusiasts and viewers at home and at the launch watched them with enthusiasm.

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Watch: Michael Strahan’s GMA rockets in space

This was Blue Origin’s third flight, and the first time the company had filled all six seats on a New Shepard rocket and capsule.

Michael was joined by Alan Shepard’s daughter, Laura Shepard Churchley, They were all seen looking happy but nervous before the flight.

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They were seen live on CNN Climbing the rocket is about 30 minutes before the planned launch. William Shatner – who went to space on the last launch of Blue Origin – shared a message to the crew before the flight and joked that they actually got through the hardest part – climbing bumper steps to the rocket.

The missile then took off successfully at just 10 a.m. ET near the rural town of Van Horn, Texas.

return michaelstrahan

Michael is back on Earth

Michael and the crew can be heard saying how amazing it was.

The flight was suborbital in the sense that it would not reach orbit. But it will rise more than 62 miles above Earth. They all landed safely on the ground.

When he left the capsule, he said, “This was beyond that. I want to go back.”

Michael took his valuables with him on the trip, previously revealing that he would take his retired Giants jersey, Hall of Fame ring, Super Bowl ring, and “special watches”, as well as “the thing most special to me,” the shotgun shell casings. His father’s military funeral.

Michael’s family was there to support him

The short-lived flight – only 11 minutes long – was delayed due to unfavorable wind conditions and he appeared on the GMA at the time to express his annoyance.

“Waiting is the hardest part, and our wait just got a little longer,” He said, explaining how they were notified of the delay in the middle of the last day of training.

“At first we were disappointed by that, of course. Only days ago we felt we were ready to go and let this happen.”

But he added, “We’re excited to go on Saturday, safety is the primary concern here.”

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