Halo TV Series Promotes Diverse Cast Over Master Chief In First Teaser Trailer

Rather than focusing on the series’ iconic and eye-catching hero, the first trailer for the Halo TV series focuses on the series’ diverse supporting cast, significantly reducing the Armored Master Chief’s screen time to just two short clips.

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Debuting at the latest edition of the 2021 Game Awards, the “First Look” trailer from the original Paramount Plus series features a montage of scenes from the live-action video game, from High Charity Covenant City floating aimlessly in space to a fleet of airships. A Pelican of the UN Security Council prepares for action, facing a letter from Dr. Catherine Halsey (Natasha McKillon) to Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber).

“You are special,” Dr. Halsey says. “Actually, I am counting on it. We are lost in the dark. But you give hope to people. And I will always be with you. I see this as a new beginning.”

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

However, instead of seeing Master Chief images scattered amid these displays of the series’ heavy CGI production values, the trailer instead sees Dr. Halsey’s message interspersed with brief close-ups of the series’ minor leagues, including Yerin Ha’s Quan Ah:

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

Bokem Woodbine Surin-066:

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

Natasha Kolzak Reese 028:

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

And even, in a slight punch to fans hoping to see their favorite Spartan in action, Kasper Knopf as the president’s childhood character:

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

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The proper Master Chief is only seen twice during the entire teaser, as he is seen briefly inspecting a supposed artifact inside a cave and in the “superheroes” landing shot seen in the featured image for this article, for six seconds during the minute-long runtime jamming.

Source: Halo (2022), Paramount Plus

The Halo TV series is set to debut exclusively on Paramount Plus sometime in 2022.

What do you think of the first Halo teaser that focuses on a variety of deuteragonists on the Master Chief? Tell us your thoughts on social media or in the comments below!

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