Hannah Brown On Colton Underwood: ‘I Like Him Better As A Gay Man’

Hannah Brown is proud that Colton Underwood is now embracing his reality as a gay man, though she understands a lot of the criticism he’s facing, too.

The former Bachelorette appeared on SiriusXM’s Show.The Michelle Collins ShowThis week, it touches upon—among other things—Underwood’s return to television in “Coming Out Colton.” The six-episode Netflix documentary series explores the one-time Bachelor’s journey to living authentically after appearing in the sentimental “Good Morning America” in last spring.

Prior to The Bachelorette, Brown was among the 30 contestants vying for the heart of Underwood on season 23 of The Bachelor in 2019. In her interview with Collins, she said that she watched Coming Out Colton.

Brown admitted that it was a “weird” experience at first, given her romantic history with the show’s theme. But at the end of the series, I was touched.

“I think I like him more as a guy like me,” Brown said. “Although it is clear that he is still almost still uncomfortable with this new life because he has never allowed himself to be the way he is…time.”

Catch a clip from Brown’s interview on “The Michelle Collins Show,” below.

By all accounts, “Coming Out Colton” has sacked longtime “Bachelor” fans and members of the LGBTQ community. Some, like former NSYNC star Lance Bass, have suggested that Underwood was “investing” the exit process.

Others criticized Netflix for its perceived glorification of Underwood, who was issued a restraining order last year after accusations that he stalked his ex-girlfriend, “The Bachelor” star Cassie Randolph. And as for Randolph herself, E! The news this month stated that she “believes it is inappropriate for Colton to constantly talk about their relationship”, but nonetheless “understands that it is part of his journey”.

Brown — who is currently promoting a memoir, “God Bless This Mess” — acknowledged much of this criticism, stressing “I think there are two sides to it.”

Colton Underwood (left) and boyfriend Jordan C. Brown.

Sarah Morris via Getty Images

“I understand why people are upset that he has a TV show just because he’s a gay white man, and you know, there are some perks,” Brown said. “I understand too [that with] His relationship with Cassie, I think he definitely made a lot of mistakes.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Brown said she believes in “a lot of [contestants] He knew “about Underwood’s sexuality while on the series. Ultimately, I’m talking about people who understand more about who they are and grow and aren’t defined solely by all their past mistakes.”

Although “Coming Out Colton” largely takes away from Underwood’s love life, the Indiana native has become an Instagram official with his friend Jordan C. Brown. The couple were first linked romantically in September when they were seen vacationing together in Hawaii.

Speaking to People this month, Underwood called the Los Angeles-based political strategist a “huge support,” adding, “I’m the most fortunate person I’ve ever had.”


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