Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

Santa Claus distributes Christmas gifts to young visitors at a North Pole workshop in the Adirondacks, New York, c.  1955

Santa Claus distributes Christmas gifts to young visitors at a North Pole workshop in the Adirondacks, New York, c. 1955
Photo: Orlando / Three Lions (Getty Images)

Welp, sure seem As if we were finally going to have a nice holiday season again this year, until the Omicron variant raised its ugly head and ruined just about everything. However, we are in AV . Club They still take advantage of the vacation vacation to take a few days off. Don’t worry, we’ll have some new stuff coming out next week (like the best songs of 2021, a proper farewell Unsafeand some sneak peeks before January). But in the meantime, we’ll be in for our annual long winter nap, as it were, eating all the extra leftovers due to a series of last-minute cancellations from our guests over Christmas dinner.

If you’re stuck at home too, we suggest this is a good time to catch up on all of our year-end content. Like Best 2021 moviesAnd TelevisionAnd albumsAnd movie scenesAnd Movie And TV ShowsAnd TrailersAnd TV episodes, And Unheard Artists. Verify Movie And TV Reviews For streaming content worth checking out, this roundup of The best hidden gems of TV, or these NetflixAnd hollow, And Amazon Lists to watch the best movies easily available this month. You can also take a look at our website The biggest news stories And news makers of the year to remember some of the non-disease-related 2021 titles. And if you are a gamer, take a look at this list Big and dumb shooting games of this year. Or just think what’s up with the popularity of this game Yellowstone?

Still feeling a little seasonal, despite the bleakness of your Twitter feed? Well, bless your heart. We have some Holiday congestion this particular year, some Vintage Christmas specials for viewing online, and a list of the most interesting Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix genres Romantic holiday movies (You know the type). Or if you want to dive into a particular Christmas movie, check out these articles on the latest holiday classics like family stone And Carol.

We hope your vacation is a little better than ours (seriously, just Who is the He’ll eat this 10-pound roast) and if not, browse AV . Club They can present opportunities for some welcome distraction. As always, we appreciate your visits to the site, your insightful comments, and the fact that you are as obsessed with the countless twists and turns of pop culture discourse as we are. Take care and see you next week!


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