Hawkeye Featurette and Character Poster Target the MCU’s New Black Widow

Hawk’s latest feature and poster re-introduce Florence Poe’s Yelena Belova as the next Black Widow.

Florence Bio’s Black Widow Killer Yelena Belova is the focus of both the new poster and the purple-hued character poster released before the final episode of Disney+ and Marvel Studios. hook series.

The title of the one-and-a-half minute movie that was posted on Marvel’s YouTube channel is “Yelena’s Back” and reintroduces Natasha Romanoff’s little sister with footage of the character’s fight scene in Episode 5 (“Ronin”) of hook. The clip also includes interviews with Pugh and co-stars Hailee Steinfeld, as well as commentary from series directors Rhys Thomas and Bert & Bertie.

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“when we finished Black Widow, My whole experience was with Scarlett [Johansson], and you really welcomed me in [Marvel Cinematic Universe]At one point in the clip, Pugh says. And then it was a jump into her partner’s equally wonderful world. It was a really good first two years in the MCU.”

Katie Elwood — Bertie directed by duo Burt and Bertie — adds, “To see Natasha Romanoff’s sister sitting [and] Speaking to one of Clint Barton’s subjects – we just sat down and really enjoyed it.”

In addition to including actual footage of the fight between Belova, Barton, and Kate Bishop, the feature gives fans a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes footage of Pugh and Jeremy Renner as they work on their fight scenes on set. Meanwhile, the new character’s poster depicts Yelena standing in front of a purple bullseye and a swirl of multicolored Christmas lights.

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In Marvel Comics, Belova made her debut in 1999 in humans #5 More than a rival to Romanov, who eventually makes her way through many different organizations as a spy agent. The character was presented in the MCU in the format Black Widow As Romanov’s adopted sister and fellow killer trained in the Red Room.

Ellwood co-director Amber Templemore-Finlayson (Burt) Ellwood recently shared some thoughts on Belova’s arrival in hook, explaining, “Obviously, it was like, How long can we delay revealing Yelena? That was very important to us. You know this is a widow, but the big reveal that she Yelena is very satisfying.”

hook It is the fifth Marvel streaming series released on Disney+, below are WandaVisionAnd The Hawk and the Winter Soldier Loki And What if…? The events of the last series take place in New York City after the events of 2019 Avengers: Endgame He finds Clint Barton dealing with the fallout from taking on the role of bodyguard Ronin while also trying to get back to his family in time for Christmas.

After arriving in Episode 5, Belova is expected to play a major role in the series’ finale hook, which premieres Wednesday on Disney+. Episodes 1-5 are now airing.

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