HBO Max Shows Off New ‘The Flight Attendant’ And ‘Westworld’

We’re no longer in the wasteland of television, so prepare for streaming services to pile up even more than they were in 2021. Production is back at its peak, and HBO Max has garnered plenty of prestigious and underrated series to take on. I am really looking forward to a new product hacks The season because, hey, give me some Jane Smart’s smarts, and you’ll keep my life force going. Well, HBO Max isn’t going to stop there.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the reel above, which also makes me think about how, about five years ago, game of Thrones The spinoff is going to be one of TV’s most exciting anecdotes. We are now staring Dragon House, which is still something to look forward to (a lot, actually), but Matt Smith and his Targaryen wig will have to work hard to beat this series’ final season. Plus, we get our first look at two high-profile returning shows: Kaley Cuoco proves everyone wrong in more… hostess And the man in black stared at Caleb at more Westworld. Does Caleb seem more confused than anything else to you? It certainly does. He doesn’t know what’s going on on that show either.

On an easily digestible note: More new and returning shows are flashing before our eyes at a rapid pace. There is John Cena suicide squad character in peace maker; the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Back to Hogwarts A special that will spare the entire JK Rowling mess; Many new originals are on your way. Those include Little Liars: Original SinAnd White House PlumbersAnd We own this cityAnd JuliaAnd love and death, And Time Traveler’s Wife. Also, there are more returning shows, including NeversAnd Raised by wolves, oh at last Its dark matter.

Here’s the takeaway: Give me some Jean Smart, Kaley Cuoco, and some dragons.


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