‘He sounded like an a– and cowered’

Hilaria Baldwin shares the experience of giving birth to her son Raphael, as she recalls that her husband, Alec Baldwin, “silenced” her during labour.

The 37-year-old lifestyle coach revealed on her Instagram Stories Monday while reacting to a headline post titled “When my husband asked me to shut up during labour, I knew our marriage was over.”

In one of the surprising stories, Baldwin wrote: “Alec shut me up while I was in labor with Rafa…” He was on the phone “Shut up!” Can you keep it low? “

“The moment he said it, he realized it sounded like an a-and shrank,” the laughing-crying emoji host continued.

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She added that she “maintained the marriage”, sarcastically saying that she and the actor “go on having 522 children after that. I let him after I get the epidural.”

“I’ll give you details of my reaction for now,” she wrote. “But that didn’t happen again.”

She ended up adding a smiley devil emoji.

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However, Baldwin didn’t finish recounting the daunting moment and in the following post to the story, she joked with her followers that “30 Rock” is paying to silence me during labor by cleaning every bottle in the house. “

“Just kidding…it never happens,” she wrote. “Maybe he can start now.”

Sharing a follow-up story promoting luxury cleaning brushes, Baldwin doubled down on her call to action.

“I’m not kidding either: Alec, roll up those sleeves and get ready to clean up in style.” One later post sees Baldwin pumping breast milk and eating a salad as the author writes, “In order to make more bottles to clean Alec, I make more milk…and multitask for lunch…because Mama’s time is limited.”

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The couple are the parents of Eduardo “Edo” Pau Lucas, 1, Romeo Alejandro David, 3, Leonardo Angel Charles, 5, and Rafael Thomas, 6, as well as daughter Carmen Gabriella, 8. Alec is also the father of the 26-year-old child. Daughter of Ireland.

The post came less than a week after Baldwin spoke candidly on her Instagram Stories about PTSD in which she said her husband suffers “not from what happened recently, but he has been suffering from this for a very, very long time.”

Alec recently sat down for an interview with ABC News about the shooting of the New Mexico set of his movie “Rust.”

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The Academy Award nominee was carrying an unloaded pistol. A shell from a gun hits and kills cinematographer Helena Hutchins while director Joel Sousa recovers from injuries sustained from the shell.

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