Heather Dubrow Wishes Nicole James Would’ve Told Her About Terry Dubrow Lawsuit

  • Heather Dubrow wishes actress Nicole James could tell her at RHOC about the lawsuit against her husband.
  • Dobrow told Insider that she is not angry with James because “everyone is allowed to make mistakes.”
  • The housewife said she was shocked to hear the lawsuit at the first gig of the season.

Heather Dubrow’s friendship and newcomer Nicole James seem to have survived an old-forgotten lawsuit and a $36,000 sushi party that was horribly skewed as seen in an explosive episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” this season.

But Dobrow — who returned to popular Bravo this year after a four-season hiatus — told Insider she wishes James had handled the situation differently.

“Would I wish you had told me now? Yes, you could have avoided all of this, but I’m not mad at her. Because I got it,” she said. “Either she thought we knew and we didn’t want to talk about it or we just didn’t know.”

During the episode, titled Loose Lips and Lawsuits, “RHOC” actress Emily Simpson asked James why she never mentioned the lawsuit to Dubrow during their six-year friendship. James replied that she would talk to Dobrow about it and “if I wanted your opinion, I would ask.”

Speaking to Insider, Dubrow said she understands how “difficult” the situation is for James. If she had brought up a decades-old malpractice lawsuit that she felt pressured by lawyers to pursue against Dobrow’s husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dobrow, she risks ruining a true friendship.

Heather Dubrow wears a black dress and smiles.

Heather Dubrow hosted the first party of the 16th season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” – and it all went wrong.

Nicole Weingart / Bravo

“Everyone is allowed to make mistakes” and “they have a past” so she holds nothing against James, said the mother of four.

“She’s a different person. She’s a mother. She’s an outstanding member of our community,” Dobrow said, though she made clear that if the lawsuit passed, she wouldn’t be able to continue the friendship.

Dobrow found out about the lawsuit during her dinner party, complete with thousands of dollars of champagne and sushi along with a high-resolution ice sculpture. Costar Gina Kirchenheiter pulls Dobro aside to tell her about the lawsuit (which she heard from Shannon Bedor) that sends the ex-actress on a whirlwind and threatens to quit RHOC.

Later during the party, Dobro scolded Bedor for raising the suit and criticized Kirchenheiter, telling her, she wouldn’t mind killing the messenger either.

Heather Dubrow wears black.

Dubrow said she was “in shock” when she filed an old lawsuit against her husband at her party.

Nicole Weingart / Bravo

The reality star said that part of the reason she reacted so strongly when she heard about the lawsuit from Kirschenheiter was because she convinced James to join the cast in the first place.

“I talked about it for the show,” Dubrow said. “And honestly, she’s the kindest, most generous girl. I’ve never heard her say a word so unkind about anyone.”

She continued, “So, I brought her here on the show, she’s at my house, it’s the first gig and I was absolutely shocked. Can you imagine? I freaked out about her.”

As for what Dobrow herself was feeling at the moment, she said, “I was so shocked, it felt like I was walking through the mist and kind of seeing me get up and go, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I don’t even react. I’m leaving.”

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