Here Are The 10 Miss Universe Contestants To Follow On TikTok Right Now

The 70th annual Miss Universe 2021 contest kicked off in Eilat, Israel. With the preliminary competitions already underway, the whole world is waiting for TV broadcasts on Sunday 12th December at 7pm on Fox.

Eighty women represent their countries – and more than a handful of TikTok stars. Some took to BTS followers to share what it’s like to be in a running. Others share beauty videos, fashion, and even skits. Talk about a multi-talented!

There is no official rule indicating whether social media plays a role in determining who goes into competition. But it is hard to imagine that it has no effect at all. Besides, the way Miss Universe chose to use her platform has always played a major role in the selection process. Last year’s winner, Mexico’s Andrea Meza used her time with the Crown to advocate for issues that were important to her.

On the Miss Universe website, she stated, “Miss Universe has given me a platform to talk about relevant issues around the world, including gender-based violence and HIV awareness. This platform has given me a voice to influence, inspire and empower others through my life story “.

This year her crown will be transferred to a new queen. And while the competition may be fierce, these 10 contestants are using social media to cool off.

Here are ten contestants making their mark on TikTok:

  1. Nadia Ferrara

Nadia Ferreira, nicknamed Miss Paraguay, is a natural in Tiktok. She shares everything from behind-the-scenes contest content to viral dance trends she shares with her friends. On her Miss Universe page, she added that she also loves sports because it “releases endorphins and emotions that make me feel strong.”

2. Deborah Helal

Miss Mexico, Deborah Hallal posts her gorgeous transformations that include some amazing beauty looks. Deborah has also spent more than five years working on her “One Purpose” project.

3. Ancheli Scott Kimes

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis loves to share lifestyle content. She loves the occasional ‘A Day in My Life’ post and has shared some of her workout routines with her followers. “There aren’t a lot of curve models here in Thailand,” she said. “I’m the first Miss Universe in Thailand to talk about beauty standards….” Body Positive Queen!

4. Kim Doyen

Kim Duyen will be representing Vietnam in this year’s competition, and she’s serving up some of the biggest fashion moments on Tiktok. In addition to this, she also has a confident killer run of the runway. Kim is also a foodie.

“People know me as a food queen. I am a foodie and can cook very well. My parents had a small food stall to raise me, then I [started] Small food company when I went to my university.”

5. Alison Wasmar

Alison Wasmar (Miss Nicaragua) brings fun. In fact, you will not find Which Contest content on its page. Instead, you’ll see a comedy charade that includes products from her work.

“I started a year and a half ago, my own business, Cerealisimo. My mom works alongside me. I know that one day this small project will be one of the most famous in my country.”

6. Denmark’s Guevara Morven

Miss Guatemala, Dania Guevara Morphine is here for the viral dances. It’s also a competition at heart. On her Miss Universe page, she said, “I have a very competitive spirit. I joined and practiced swimming, cycling, basketball, karate and aerobics.”

7. Maradi Ngin

This rider is always up for a little adventure. Maradi Ngin, also known as Miss Cambodia, posts anything from walks on the runway to content with her favorite animals. When she’s not getting ready for big processions, she hits the books.

“I am studying international relations and hope to encourage investors to invest and help in my country’s economic growth,” she said.

8. Elle Smith

Even when you don’t mean to publish curl content, it publishes curl content. Miss USA is another contestant who gives all BTS access, and she’s a natural at that. It makes perfect sense considering that she was a journalism major in college.

9. Anna Nepliakh

Miss Ukraine is a big fan of Tiktok’s voiceovers and acting clips. While she loves to keep up with the latest trends, she prioritizes getting the rest you need.

“Depending on the needs, I can sleep anywhere away from external conditions – on a plane, in a car, even in a chair,” she told Miss Universe.

10. Michelle Marie Colon

On her way to earning her double BSc in Pre-Medicine and Biology, Miss Puerto Rico is a real start. On Tiktok, she shares awesome videos with her favorite dances.

On her Miss Universe page, she said, “I am enjoying the ‘Bumba’, a traditional African dance, during sunset at the seaside.”

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