How Bad Could Marrying a Roy Be?

Are those wedding bells I hear? Or just a fire alarm?
Photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

I wish I were Jerry, unabashedly in her ability to put her own interests first. I long to be Tabitha, the girlfriend of Roman(?) who has been absent throughout the entire third season and whose main role on the show was apparently having Tom swallow his pregnancy at the stag party. I would even content myself with being Greg, grinding like a lost six-foot-seven pup, convinced he could lure Contessa. But of all the characters on the SuccessionWell, I’m probably Willa.

Willa illogical. It’s an adorable little fly on the wall. she is – Mandatory spoiler alertHer friend, client, and theater investor, Connor Roy, proposed her in the penultimate episode of season three, and she enthusiastically replied “Can I think of it?” She is the only remotely reliable character in this show.

After Connor commits one of the most horrific sins yet in the series – a public display at someone else’s wedding – Willa waits until the season finale to give her answer: “Damn. Come on. How bad can that be?” She said yes guys!

Sometimes it seems as if Connor on a show is completely different from his siblings. As Kendall, Schiff, and Roman fight for their stake in Waystar Royco, grappling with the billion-dollar consequences of their actions, Connor hangs out, trying to convince Willa that marrying him wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. “I applied to my fiancĂ©e and no one said congratulations. No one!” Connor yells at his siblings in Episode IX, shortly after yelling about him being the real eldest son of Logan Roy. At this point, Willa had not yet agreed to his proposal. What a lucky woman!

So how bad is marriage to Connor Roy, Willa? Well, let’s discuss! Connor could run for president, which would inevitably put Willa’s past in the spotlight. He can alienate himself from his brothers even more, which in itself may not be so terrible; However, this would make Willa the only person in Connor’s life, a responsibility she doesn’t want at all. At best, according to Roman, Connor could die within ten years, leaving Willa a fortune if she plays her rightfully.

But will they really get married? I won’t put it in the past either of them or the Succession the book. The wedding-centric ending of Season 4 is sure to be in line with the previous three season endings. Congratulations to the happy couple (??)! Damn forever, actually.

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