How often did Jimmy Stewart play the villain?

Some actors are synonymous with seasons and holidays. Halloween has Jamie Lee Curtis, Courteney Cox, and a host of other actors, but the list of seasonally related actors gets impractical in length when it comes to Christmas. To make a psychological impact as one of the final actors in a Christmas movie requires some serious acting chops. That’s what makes Jimmy Stewart stand out as a star at the top of the Christmas season, with his classic performances It’s a wonderful life, more impressive.

Stewart is a wonderful actor. There is nothing to question in this statement. However, even though he slipped into darker roles later in his career, Stewart didn’t play the bad guy, right?

In the video linked above, The Royal Ocean Film Society’s YouTube channel gives a short retrospective of Stewart’s career. The Royal Ocean Film Society also explains how Stewart’s early villainous turns went on to inform his later roles in Vertigo And rear window. The video is a definite treat for fans of classic movies.

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