‘I Had Kids & I Wanted to Be With Them’

Taking time off work to raise your kids isn’t a new concept, but for some reason, it’s still hard for people to accept when Hollywood celebrities do. Recently, actors like Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland announced a pause in their acting career to raise their children and start a family, respectively. But one woman with children who was accused of being blacklisted when she took a break and lived to tell the story is Carrie Ann Moss, aka Trinity from the matrix series.

In an interview with GQ on Monday, Resurrection Matrix “Someone just sent me one thing, a video someone made,” Moss said, laughing a little. “What happened to Carrie-Ann Moss? Why did Hollywood turn her back on her? Or something. I was like, ‘Funny!'” She added, “I have kids, and I wanted to be with them.” She became pregnant with her first child, Owen, 18, during filming Matrix Reloadedand they had two more shortly afterwards: Jaden, 16, and Frances, 12, with husband Stephen Roy. Moss decided to embrace a life she referred to as “comfortable and warm.”

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She also became more invested in her “metaphysical life”, trained to be a practitioner of kundalini, and explored all the wellness options available in Los Angeles. In 2016, she was finally ready to leave the mother’s life and was cast as Jerry Hogarth in the TV adaptation of Marvel’s movie “Jessica Jones”. “I was in this world with young children all the time, and I felt incapable of talking to all adults,” she recalls at the time.

Now, she is excited to return to the role of Trinity. She said, “We are thinking the matrix Being systems that govern humanity, yet they are the matrix of our minds…that’s what I want to lose all the time! Who am I if not a mother? Who am I if not a wife? Who am I if I am not an actress? Who am I if not my mother’s daughter? Who am I if not a Trinity? “

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