I had tears in my eyes after watching 83: Ravi Shastri

At The Indian Express eAdda on Thursday, guest star Ravi Shastri was asked to choose between Iqbal, Lagan, Dhoni and 83 as his favorite cricket movie. The former India coach did not think twice to pick 83.

83. Tears were in my eyes yesterday. Not that I was part of the team that won it. “The tears were really in my eyes when the movie ended, because it brought back so many memories,” Shastri said.

The project was praised by director Kabir Khan and the cast. “The actors, and the efforts they put in… Ranveer (Singh) as Kapil Dev. Kabir and all the actors are there; they worked from the back to try to look like the characters they were playing. The real life situation in reel life is not that easy. And I thought they did a job Wonderful. Memories came back to rush again, when some scenes were shown and your eyes flooded with tears. This is a must watch for everyone. Go to theaters.”

Shastri’s teammate and another 1983 World Cup champion, Madan Lal, is dead. “Yes, it must be seen on the big screen. This movie will motivate you, and it will tell you the story of a group of underdogs who overcame extreme odds to win the World Cup,” the former India founder told the Indian Express.

He particularly fell for the scene that recreated Capel’s iconic catch to knock out Vivian Richards in the final, off Bowling Madan. “Hardy Sandhu (played by Madan Lal) had a great expression and so were all the actors involved. Hardy played cricket under my coaching at the U19 level. He knows the game. But imitating a real character has never been easy. Madan said the entire 83 team did a job,” Madan said. Fabulous.

Hunting had a backstory and a former tailor revealed it. “Mereko Maar Pad Raha Tha (I got hit). Kapil was thinking of changing my bowling game, when I told him to give me back. He agreed and Richards walked out, opening the game for us.”

The 1983 World Cup triumph occurred during the “era of pace” of cricket. The West Indies had a fearsome quartet of fast bowling. Every other team had at least one or two bowlers at 90 mph. Helmet technology was in its infancy. The condom was a luxury. Sunil Gavaskar has never used a helmet. Only his teammates used acceptable items.

“This is why Sunil Gavaskar is the greatest of them all. He scored so many rounds and centuries against fast bowlers without a helmet, he was exceptional,” Madan said.

Javaskar himself gave a great review of ’83’. I first saw the movie at the premiere last night (Wednesday) and the movie blew me away. It’s simply amazing and the way each actor acquired the mannerisms, gait, looks, and style of each player was incredibly bizarre. The beating maestro told this newspaper yesterday.


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