‘I’ll Take the Change and Adapt’

Miranda McKeown

Miranda McKeown/Instagram Miranda McKeown

Miranda McKeon remains positive as she deals with the next stage of her breast cancer treatment.

the Ann with E The 19-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in June after a lump was found in her chest and spent the following months administering her treatment, from weeks of intense chemotherapy to undergoing a double mastectomy in November.

And on Friday, McKeown shared her “life update” as she prepared for a second surgery to deal with her lymph nodes.

“There’s been a lot of hesitation and going this month and a lot of emotion. I think I probably cry every single day,” she said in an Instagram video.

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Showing off her formerly bald head, McKeon said how excited she was to have some hair back.

“Honestly, guys, during this process, you won’t believe how excited I am to get past the tiniest bit of growth,” she said. “I’m rocking right now, and I’m so happy about it. It feels great. I’m not saying I look in the mirror and get to know myself, or I’m impressed, but I’m happy about it.”

McKeown also showed off her chest after a double mastectomy—she said “Love the result, dare I say, better than before?”

Then the sophomore at USC explained that she is currently in Houston for another surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“I had two positive lymph nodes; they took four lymph nodes. And I had a positive margin in the breast area, which is rather common when the tumor is against the skin. I had two positive lymph nodes biopsied at the beginning of this, so we already knew that they were over there “.

“Basically, I decided to remove all the lymph nodes, and I’m going to remove a piece of skin here,” she said, pointing to the side of her left chest.

Once this surgery is done, McKeown said, “I will probably be able to sleep well knowing that everything is gone for the rest of my life.”

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McKeown is disappointed, though, about the way this unexpected surgery propelled her plans to return to USC for the spring.

“The really annoying thing about this isn’t the surgery I’m having today, but because I’m having the surgery I wasn’t expecting, the radiation is being pushed back,” she explained. “I was expecting to have the radiotherapy before the start of the second semester.”

“This is just cancer in a college girl problems. I was really looking forward to a semester with nothing, because obviously the first semester was going back and forth doing chemotherapy and losing my hair. The second semester I was going to finish up and just focus on being a regular college student” .

McKeown said the current plan is for her to start her semester in January, then return home in New Jersey to begin proton beam therapy at a clinic in Harlem while she takes six weeks off school.

“I found out about it yesterday, and I feel really bad about it,” she said. “I cried for a long time yesterday. But whatever it is, I will accept the change and adapt to it, as I always do. But this is so frustrating that I can’t even begin to.”

McKeown then signed as she was preparing for surgery.

She said, “Wish me good luck.” “You actually don’t even need it, you’ll be just fine and simpler than last time.”

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