Insecure Season 5, Episode 9 Recap: Out, Okay?!

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Every Monday of the fifth and final season of the HBO cultural show, UnsafeBrothas ., very clever senior editor Panama Jackson and freelance writer Chanel Jenny They detailed the last episode. But just like the fan-favorite show, all good things must come to an end. where Panama called recentlySports and culture writer Jay Connor You’ll join in to help finish the season, okay?! spoilers in the future.

Chanel Jenny: Aaaannnd As usual on Monday morning, we’re back with more details from last night’s episode of Unsafe. This week, our “us” looks a little different, like ours Our forever friend Panama Jackson shared his last reflections With you all last week. (Thank you so much Big Doogie, we miss you already.) But never fear, because the keys to Unsafe Recap Kingdom is still in super hands thanks to sports and culture writer Jay Connor, aka my second-most favorite in the debate, lending a helping hand to finish the season.

However, Sunday night’s penultimate episode was a lot, okay?! I mean, Molly and Turrian are gone off the lute and go to HAM over snacks (and in the pantry), Tiffany and Derek say their emotional goodbyes, Issa and Nathaniel go looking for an apartment, and on top of it all, a little feud between Lawrence and Nathaniel makes both of them look stupid – no doubt That Issa is going crazy because the two men she has feelings for have nothing but anger towards each other. In the words of Linneathia Leakes: Whew, Chile. Jay, what did you think of last night’s episode?

Jay Connor: Looking at the first eight episodes of the final season it came like a trip to the grocery store where you have no idea what’s in the crib so you just grab a bunch of shit (why not), it was nice to see a couple of dangling plot threads make A long-awaited collision. I will never get in life a woman who cheated on me and dumped me for the only barber in L.A. who never got a beard, so I hope and pray that Lawrence doesn’t make the same mistake. You really dig into the dynamic of Molly and Taurean (even more so when it’s as loud as filth), but you already know that Dro will magically reappear to sprinkle chaos and confusion in Molly’s life. I took that shit on the chin like a letter G, though. You know what? growth.

Chanel Jenny: who – which is being Growth and much like you, I’m increasingly here for Molly and Turrian to continue growing with each other. I mean, with all of Issa’s anxieties and fears in the love department, Molly has had her fair share of bumps in the road, too. So it’s really good to see the treatment working for the better and showing up in a variety of ways in her life. Of course, Drew came back unspoken, tall and sloppy and felt like a glitch in the Matrix, but I’m glad he wasn’t able to get back into Molly’s life. Speaking of worms taking you back into someone’s life, I definitely have mixed feelings about the trick Lawrence did with Issa at the end of the episode. I mean, kudos to him for being honest (although, was that really honest, or did he just let Chad put a battery in his back and do what he thought he should do?) but time and place, man. It should have been known after coming to NATHANIEL and launching “LA vs TX BBQ Wars” at the guy’s gathering earlier, shit wasn’t cute between them. Everything was just beyond chaos.

Jay Connor: Quite frankly, custard Lawrence’s last stand I did I feel kind of compelled, but I also know what it feels like to go fuck things with the woman you like and live with regret for not having all your cards on the table. So I feel for it from that perspective, but to your point of view, there’s only one way she’s going to work with her new guy. To that end, it may be necessary because Jesus always treated boring ass Nathan as a third guard, anyway. Are you moving in with him because she genuinely wants to? Or does she just move in with him because she feels comfortable with Lawrence raising the next president of the United States?

Chanel Jenny: I honestly don’t think they are either. I think she’s doing it because she thinks that’s what she’s supposed to do. Almost like a lot of previous decisions in her life, she moves around as if there’s some kind of pre-set game plan she’s supposed to follow – and that made her doubt herself at every turn. But, like Molly told her in the last episode: What if there was no plan? What if there is no right or wrong? What if she didn’t have to move in with Nathan just because he brought it up and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying “no”? you know? And what if you don’t have to crawl back into Lawrence’s indecisive ass just because he revealed his feelings as Dwayne Wayne at Whitley’s wedding? Like what then? If Isa learns anything by the end of this show, I hope there’s no preconceived life plan for her to follow, and she can really chart her own course, no matter where you take her to and whoever comes on the journey—or not—it’s okay. OK?! With only one episode left, how do you think things will turn out for our favorite group of friends?

Jay Connor: In a perfect world, I’d read what you just said, quit the plays, and quit Lawrence And Boring ass Nathan Hell is alone (maybe he will finally line his beard?) in order to focus on working on herself. but since Unsafe She’s here to entertain, I’m inclined to think she’d be back in the arms of a loving former Best Buy Employee of the Month. I never cared about Tiffany so I wouldn’t miss anyone, but Derek is one of the best characters on the show that no one ever talks about. So I hope he continues to live his best in Denver. And after spending season four embarrassing our ancestors, it seems Molly is finally getting it together — in her love life, professionally, And Her relationship with Jesus. I’m curious how things turn out for Kelly, even though she seems set for an episodic operation of some sort. How do you think this iconic show will end?

Chanel Jenny: Honestly, I really hope Issa decides to choose herself and not go ahead with NATHANIEL or Mr. Woot-Woot. I want her to continue to turn The Blocc into what she wants her to be and to live the best life of a heroine in her hometown with Crenshawn (now he seems to be finally behaving right.) As for Molly, I want her to continue to evolve and open up to new experiences in life and love. Tiffany and Derek, I wish them well, but I also feel there may be another bundle of joy heading their way, which could lead to some turbulent times in the great state of Colorado. Just like you, I want Kelly to get on her own level because I need to see “Brine’s Brigontas” grow into the number one cultural commentary podcast. I just need to, for my own good.

And even though I gave her a hard time, I hope so Check out / Constellation / Kofivi / Constantinople Kondola raises Baby Jah to be better than his father in the love department. I also want Chad and I carry their stuff too because, like Kelly, they’ve had some of the best comedic moments in this entire series and they deserve to live happily ever after because of that. I really can’t believe this show is about to say goodbye to us for good, but like I said in the opening: All good things have to come to an end in the end. Until next week…

series finale Unsafe Premieres Sunday, December 26 at 10 PM ET on HBO and HBOMax. Immediately after that, HBO will start insecure: the end, A special documentary event showcases the iconic series.


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