Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? You Voted and the Verdict is In.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Since 1988, action movie buffs have been arguing about the true holiday spirit of John McClane’s first big adventure. Although released in the summer of 1988, Die Hard features a surprising amount of Christmas cheer, tunes, and a bit of a bloody “ho, ho, hos.”

It’s not a marketing mistake either. according to Dish, and 2.4 million people watched Die Hard during the Christmas season in 2016, 1.3 million of them on Christmas Eve. On TV, Die Hard is watched more than Christmas classics like Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, or The Santa Clause.

However, the controversy still rages! So we asked you, cheerful IGN fans, to vote on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. 23,133 of you voted, and the final verdict was made. Check out the result below.

Did You Die Hard Christmas Movie?

Yes, absolutely – 18,011 votes (77.9%).

No, stop with that madness – 5,122 votes (22.1%).

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In all, 18,011 people voted Die Hard as a Christmas movie, representing 77.9% of the total voter base. Less impressive, but by no means insignificant, 5,122 people voted Die Hard not a Christmas movie, for a total of 22.1%.

Movie buffs and Christmas fanatics obviously prefer the Die Hard holiday mode. To be fair, there is precedent in their favour. Besides the fact that Die Hard takes place during the company’s Christmas party, the score includes Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis song, and even the last line (from McClane Argyle’s limousine chauffeur) refers to Christmas.

It’s also not unusual for some movies to become Christmas classics simply because audiences love to watch them during the holidays, even though they aren’t terribly focused on December 25.

It’s A Wonderful Life, the heartwarming 1947 classic that helped inspire the metaphor of “What would life be like if I didn’t exist” was a major commercial failure until it accidentally entered the public domain and became an easy choice for a TV spin-off. The movie doesn’t even switch gears to the Christmas season until about an hour and forty minutes into its two hour and 10 minute runtime. Then there are movies like Batman Returns, the “Christmas” movie about killer Danny DeVito who takes revenge on Gotham City during the holidays, as well as Gremlins, Iron Man 3, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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The only thing working against the vote is that Bruce Willis said in 2018 that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Let’s be honest, though, this opinion is probably just a defense against the countless fanatical journalists who ask him the same question over and over again.

The point is, there’s no scientific formula for what makes a Die Hard a Christmas movie, but having 18,011 people agree with you is definitely a good start. It’s all about the emotions you want to feel while the snow is falling, the cocoa is cold, the machine guns are shaking.

Joseph Knope is IGN . Hardcore Writer/Producer/Die Hard

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