It’s Time to Recognize the Kinetic Greatness of Andrew Garfield

Before Everyone in the world came to watch the three Peter Parkers in Spider-Man: There is no room for home, the legacy of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield has been somewhat tainted by poor premiums in their franchises. The Maguire trilogy will always carry the glow of having Peter Parker’s first live-action film, including what many consider to be one of Spidey’s best films. spider man 2, but to say the least spider man 3 Best. Garfield’s films have thrown into the ashes of comic book film history, and his Peter Parker movie is often considered one of the most forgotten. This context makes Garfield’s return all the more triumphant for the scene-stealing, wise-cracking, and emotionally fragile Peter Parker. get out from There is no place for home As the movie’s best actor in a stack of Oscar winners and shining young Marvel stars, raising the overall impression of his superhero in the process. But the truth is, Garfield has always been the best and most interesting actor to slip into this red and blue Spidey suit.

There has always been something theatrical and almost operatic about the way Andrew Garfield attacks a role. Although on the British stage he began performing works of Shakespeare and more, Garfield first caught the attention of mainstream American audiences in 2010. social network He played Mark Zuckerberg’s real-life friend and business partner, Eduardo Saverin. At the time, director David Fincher told Los Angeles Times That he couldn’t portray Garfield as Zuckerberg because his “amazing emotional access to the core of his humanity” wouldn’t work for an honest Facebook CEO. Garfield eloped with the movie anyway: Although he was (criminally) overlooked in the Oscar race, Garfield’s melodramatic rendering of Saverin’s breakup scene with Zuckerberg directed by Jesse Eisenberg remains one of the film’s most defining moments. It resonated so powerfully that a brilliant re-creation by Dylan O’Brien became an early viral hit for actors bored at home in the pandemic era. Of all the stinging lines of dialogue he’s ever written, Aaron Sorkin probably wouldn’t have predicted it. this is It would be one to live in.

This combination of the comedic absurdity of the line and Garfield selling out Saverin’s true grief over Zuckerberg’s betrayal is what makes the moment steady.

Garfield went straight from Silicon Valley into the Spider-verse, which is a huge step for an actor so early on in his Hollywood career. And spider fans weren’t necessarily ready to move on from the Tobey Maguire franchise, which ended only in 2007. The Amazing Spider-Man It is undoubtedly a mixed bag. The villain, Dr. Kurt Connors, doesn’t do well and pales in comparison to the super villains Maguire who fought in his first two films. But what is unquestionable in both of Garfield’s films is the romantic spark between Garfield and his (eventual) real-life girlfriend Emma Stone. Saying it might be heresy, but their scenes generate far more chemistry than even the upside-down rain kiss between Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. Just look at them:

If the Spider-Man movies were just romance movies, we wouldn’t even discuss who Peter Parker is better. But Garfield had the same (albeit very different) chemistry with Sally Field, who played Aunt May. In one scene The Amazing Spider-Man 2 She reluctantly tells him the truth about his father while declaring, at her best steel magnolia Angry cry, that is she has Boy. Garfield matches the crying hysterical queen of tears.

Garfield also makes unusual and unexpected choices in his scenes with both Field and Stone. Those unexpected and pure moments are the hallmark of all his shows. in a The Amazing Spider-Man 2, plays one romantic interlude with Stone’s Gwen Stacy from behind a tree stump.

finally The Amazing Spider-ManAnd He’s back at Aunt Mae’s house battered, bruised, and damaged by the loss, but he salutes her with that really creepy smile.

One could argue that it’s all too easy to form chemistry with two Oscar-winning actresses of the caliber of Stone and Field. But Garfield manages to find a spark with Dane DeHa’s Harry Osborne, one of the most misunderstood elements in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. James Franco and Tobey Maguire had the entire trilogy of playing Harry and Peter’s friendship collapse into tragedy, while Garfield and DeHaan had to cram it all into a few scenes. But as long as the two share a screen, it works. The spark is there.

It’s certainly not Garfield’s fault (and it might not be DeHaan’s fault) that every other Harry Osbourne scene in this movie is a total mess. But in addition to his uncanny ability to connect deeply with anyone he plays against, Garfield’s performance was also fun, funny, and highly moving:

If there’s one project criticism to be forced upon Garfield in the role, it’s that he comes across as a little self-possessed and a little too old (he was 29 when his first Spider-Man movie came out) to play the awkward teenage Peter. Parker. These fears do not play any role in his return There is no place for home As an older and exhausted Peter who carries the grief of losing Gwen Stacy in every line on Garfield’s (still young!) unshaven face. Garfield has also, in the intervening years, exploited more of the awkward oddity that makes Peter in There is no place for home Incompetent in itself.

Since hanging out his Spidey suit in 2014, Garfield has been delving deeper into the open-ended extremes that make him a watchable actor. He put himself in an actor’s hell, starving his already slender body to play a religious fanatic of one kind in Martin Scorsese. SilenceAnd She earned an Academy Award nomination after playing a different flavor of religious fervor in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge.

Among a number of other film projects, Garfield spent the greater part of 2017 and 2018 playing Pryor Walter on stage. Angels in America. The extended play (the first part about 3 hours and 30 minutes and the second part about 4 hours and 15 minutes) is an emotional marathon at the best of times, and Beauer Walter is a very intense and dramatic role. But Garfield’s role as Walter (which was critically acclaimed, some criticism, and a Tony win) was called up to 11.

You can’t do that for two years without tapping into a new level of ability or burning yourself out completely. Garfield’s other fan-pleasing performance in 2021, as Jonathan Larson in Tag, put… Boom!Prove that he did the former. All the hallmarks of Andrew Garfield’s classic performance are showcased in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut, including the emotional climax…

…and unexpected acting choices that go down with that.

But it’s worth noting that he delivered all of Garfield’s expected merchandise while also studying to sing for the first time professionally. (Something both Garfield and Miranda talked about endlessly on the movie’s press tour.) He’s actually pretty cool in the role – just not “good enough” for a movie star trying to sing along. completely Tag, put… Boom! The experience speaks to Garfield’s kind of audacity and willingness to risk appearing like an idiot in order to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Which brings us back to Spider-Man. There’s no way to know exactly how Garfield felt about returning to the role that tarnished his reputation for quite some time in Hollywood. Garfield, unable to divulge Marvel secrets to the general public, has been lying outright about his involvement in the film for several months now. However, it’s easy to guess that playing Spidey again was a frightening prospect.

Garfield is funny and weird as much as you wish he were in the role, but that’s how Peter Parker plays as someone with totally bare nerve endings that makes his appearance so special. Using that uncanny talent for communication, Garfield as Peter bonds instantly and sincerely with Ned, MJ, and the other Peters. Peter is kind to Tom Holland’s younger version of himself while also radiating the grief of Gwen’s loss. The fact that Gwen Stacy’s death has strangled him for so many years makes Sony’s decision to dump Emma Stone – one of the worst moves in comic book movie history – seem a little heavier than it once was.

Garfield’s Rescue of Zendaya’s MJ in There is no place for home It’s a rather cruel call and response to Gwen Stacy’s downfall The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s a moment that, in all its clarity, shouldn’t work at all. But, of course, Garfield sells it. “Are you okay?” MJ asks through his tears. “We are You are? she asks again, and he throws a shaky nod in a response that is both funny and devastating at the same time. This moment is a true Garfield special story and is just one of the many reasons Peter Parker is the worst in Spider-Man Suddenly everyone’s favorite. But the real ones know that Andrew Garfield deserves this all-time praise.

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