James Bond Star Naomie Harris Says “Huge Star” Groped Her In Audition – Deadline

James Bond star Naomie Harris has revealed she was touched by a “huge mega-star” during an audition.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the Oscar-nominated actress, who plays Eve Moneypenny in the Bond franchise, said the actor raised his hand to her skirt while reading.

The actress declined to name the man but said he took no blame from those in the room during the audition.

She said, “What was very shocking was that the director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything because he was – he – such a huge star. This was the only #MeToo incident, so I felt very lucky given how prevalent this behavior was.

Now things have definitely changed: I was on a project where the #MeToo incident happened and there was no hesitation, [the perpetrator] It was removed immediately.”

Harris declined to name the actor who was removed from the most recent project.

British actress nominated for an Oscar moon light In 2017, currently on screen in no time to die And Poison: Let there be a massacre.

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