Jay-Z Said “Michael Jackson Never Had A Coachella” When Comparing Him To Beyoncé, Reigniting A Yearslong Debate Among Fans

Jay-Z recently reignited an annual Twitter debate about the status of Michael Jackson and Beyoncé as music legends.

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The rapper joined Alicia Keys and music executive Rob Markman in a chat on Twitter Spaces last night, commenting on the ongoing conversation.

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As reported by Revolt, Jay-Z suggested that both artists are on the same level, calling Beyoncé an “evolution” of the ’80s R&B artist.

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“You will be angry with me [me] For saying this, but Michael Jackson has never had Coachella. “It’s her evolution because she saw him at nine [years old]. And [the kids] Are the same.”

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“Find a concert as culturally relevant and exciting as Coachella,” Jay-Z continued. “Beyoncé is going to be one of the best singers we’ve ever heard because she’s a student.”

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Naturally, fans had a lot to say, from defending Jay-Z’s comments to explaining how the two icons shouldn’t compare.

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