Jeff Garlin Exits ‘The Goldbergs’ Following HR Investigations – Deadline

ABC Long Comedy Goldberg It lost a regular series when George Segal died earlier this year. Now another star who plays a member of the Goldberg clan, Jeff Garlin, is leaving after several allegations of misconduct and an HR investigation.

According to sources, a mutual agreement was reached today that Garlin will not return to the show. His exit is effective immediately. Representatives of Sony Pictures Television, which produces the comedy, did not comment.

The veteran comedian addressed some of the accusations and confirmed he was the subject of an HR investigation in an extended interview with Vanity Fair’s Maureen Ryan earlier this month, in which he also denied speculation that he had been fired from the show.

Garlin is believed to have another day left of shooting this season, which consists of 18 episodes, after his schedule has been scaled back.

After the VF interview, the deadline was approached by a number of Garlin’s current and former co-workers. Speaking on condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal, they talked about the show’s great work environment where the cast and crew love each other, which will change dramatically in the days when Garlin is hired.

“He is very verbally and emotionally abusive,” Goldberg Deadline employee said.

In his interview with VF, Garlin dismissed accusations that he was verbally abusive by saying he was just “ridiculous” as part of his schtick as a comedian. He noticed his fondness for dropping the word “vagina” on the set.

According to a source on the show, the camera assistant filed a complaint with her department head about Garlin’s use of the word. After the actor found out, he reportedly put his hands around her and kept saying “vagina” to her over and over again. In general, one of his co-workers said that Garlin’s jokes that a number of people in the show’s fetish attack were talking about granny’s vaginas, balls and brasseries. Multiple sources on the show also mentioned that he uses homophobic swearing. In addition, he did not address some of the crew members for a long time by name, using instead nicknames that were also considered offensive by some.

The VF interview deals with an incident in which Garlin and two longtime stops on the show, a married couple, were involved.

Garlin referred to it as a “completely overlooked joke – because I love this man. I love his wife. I’ve worked with them for years.”

According to an eyewitness to the incident, Garlin did not appear to be joking as he walked behind the female stand. “He yelled at her, ‘Why are you always in my way? Get the f*ck out of my way’ as she was walking down the slope on the set after they block for a scene. She was confused and looked around.” Then Garlin turned to the woman’s husband, saying, “Tell your wife to get out of my way.”

According to sources, the cast and crew were appalled, and “was the straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of their tolerance of Garlin’s antics.

“He wasn’t just glimpsing that woman and then turning around and belittling her husband and embarrassing him,” the witness said. “This is just a gross abuse of power.”

Since that incident, which occurred about eight weeks ago, Garlin has only been a few times, the sources said.

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