Jeff Garlin will actually still be on The Goldbergs (sort of)


Photo: ABC / Scott Everett White

What was supposed to be a mutual decision last weekSonny and Jeff Garlin have agreed that the latter will no longer appear on the ABC sitcom Goldberg After allegations of specific behavior allegedly made people uncomfortable (not to mention a general refusal on the part of Garlin to admit that anything he might do might make a person uncomfortable).

Garlin played Murray Goldberg, Sr. on the show, and the story at the time was that this might have been his last season (it’s the ninth of the show) anyway. It was not clear last week how Goldberg He would write such an important character, but now we know: it won’t. diverse Reporting That Garlin would indeed stay on the show – and would continue to get paid – through editing wonders. In other words, they do Carrie Fisher /Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Thing. And it worked very well In the movie!

diverse ABC says it will use “off-camera dialogue from previous episodes and unused footage, as well as previously taken photos of Garlin” to make it look as if it’s still there. The story also states that Garlin’s stand is actually used on set, a “shot from behind,” and the standby has replaced Garlin in promotional shots for the show (but with Garlin’s face superimposed).

right Now, Goldberg It’s set in the 80’s, so it’s not strictly going to happen Logical To do one of her popular culture parodies series Heavenly Rise, but it would be fun if the characters were constantly coming along and relaying the information that Garlin’s character had told off the screen. “My father said he made the lightsaber and hid it in Luke Skywalker’s house on that island, but no one thought to mention it.” You know, that kind of thing.

This all sounds like a potential hilarious disaster, but it will likely be a lot smoother than we expect. Either way, we’ll know when Goldberg Back to ABC.


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