‘Jeopardy’ champion Amy Schneider is the fourth highest-earning contestant in history

It’s been an eventful year for Danger! Fans thanks to the hosting controversy as well as record-breaking contestants for stealing the show.

Amy Schneider, who currently racked up a 16-game winning streak leading up to her win on Wednesday, is now the fourth highest-grossing female contestant to play the game in regular season play. The director of engineering from Oakland, California ended her run on Wednesday after a rare Final Jeopardy question error totaled $631,400 in prize money over more than three weeks of gaming.

Unfortunately, it still has a long way to go catching up with Matt Amodio, who finished third earlier this year behind the infamous James Holzhauer and current host Ken Jennings with $1,518,601. Schneider will need more wins to make up for her three fellow record holders. While fans have learned not to underestimate her ability over the last 16 games, she does have a much more achievable shooting range right now.


Contestant Amy Schneider is officially the fourth highest earner on Jeopardy! contestant in the history of the show.
(Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

According to Jeopardy Hall of Fame, she is just four wins away from defeating David Madden and Jason Zuffranieri to finish fifth in most consecutive matches won. Another win after that and it will secure the fourth spot currently occupied by Julia Collins.

Ken Jennings is currently filling in the role of host on

Ken Jennings is currently filling in the role of host on “Jeopardy!” for the remainder of 2021.
(Jeopardy Productions Inc.)

In addition to breaking records on the show with her impressive streak of wins, Schneider is making the “Jeopardy!” History with each passing game and representing the LGBTQ+ community at the same time. She is the first transgender contestant to advance to the Championship of Champions on the show and still shows no signs of stopping before the New Year.

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"Risk!" He has a new record-breaking champion.

“Risk!” He has a new record-breaking champion.
(Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

“I don’t know about you, but as a Jeopardy guy! Hardcore, there’s nothing I love more than watching a great hero play the game to such a high level of excellence as seen from our hero, Amy Schneider,” Jennings said of Schneider (via Yahoo Entertainment). “It’s so amazing here.”


Schneider will return to the show to compete for more wins when the show returns.

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