John Cho Issues Brief Statement on Cowboy Bebop Cancellation

Cowboy Bebop star John Cho gives a brief reaction to Netflix’s cancellation of the live-action adaptation of the popular anime after just one season.

After Netflix canceled Cowboy Bebop After only one season, lead actor John Cho gave a brief response to the news.

Cho’s response to the series’ cancellation was brief, opting to post a gif shortly after announcing Netflix’s live-action adaptation. Cowboy Bebop He will not return for a second season. Cho posted a gif on Twitter taken from a scene from friendsHe simply said, “I’m fine,” in large, bold letters. Cho, who portrayed Spike Spiegel in the series, has not released a statement saying anything else at the time of writing.

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Netflix cancels Cowboy Bebop It comes three weeks after the first season premiered on the streaming service on November 19. Based on the anime of the same name, the series is a new western space and follows a gang of bounty hunters as they hunt down criminals in the year 2171. According to Netflix’s own numbers, Cowboy Bebop It has achieved a cumulative total of 74 million watch hours since its release. However, viewership of the show dropped dramatically by 59% in its second week.

The cancellation was reportedly due to poor reception by viewers and critics. even before Cowboy Bebop Reviews from critics premiered on Netflix, with a general skew toward negativity. While the actors’ performances were generally praised, the biggest criticism was the series’ tone and direction and the most common comment made by critics was to suggest watching the original anime instead.

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After news of Netflix’s decision spread, fans of both the live-action and anime versions started Cowboy Bebop Share their opinions about the cancellation on social media. Although many viewers expressed their sympathy for the cast and crew involved in the first season, many weren’t surprised by the cancellation. Like critics, some fans have suggested that anyone yearn for more Cowboy Bebop You should choose to watch the original anime instead.

Previously, Cho had described the Netflix adaptation as “the most expensive work of fan fiction ever.” He said that although the original anime influenced the live-action version and its face, it gave the live-action production team a chance to “go bananas” when bringing the story and the world back to life. Season 1 of the series Live Stars Chu (Star Trek(such as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir)Marvel’s Luke Cage(as Jet Black, Daniela Pineda)originals(as Faye Valentine, Elena Satine)magic city(as Julia and Alex Hussell)boys) as evil.

Both the live action and anime versions of Cowboy Bebop They are currently streaming on Netflix.

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