Julia Roberts Crashes George Clooney’s Jimmy Kimmel Interview in Surprise ‘Ocean’s 11’ Reunion

Julia Roberts paid a surprise visit during George Clooney’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Clooney also appeared at the show to promote his upcoming movie tender bar Actress Danielle Ranieri, 10, gave the actress Ocean 11 Engraving, sliding the screen to a raucous applause while wearing a pair of black sunglasses.

“Oh, my God, oh my God. Oh my God,” Kimmel said in shock, adding, “I don’t know if you’re aware of this but the woman sitting next to you, there’s a woman sitting next to you.”

Clooney looked to his right and left, but did not recognize his former star in the interview. She slid quietly out of sight as fast as she had appeared. The two stars are currently in Australia to shoot the upcoming movie Heaven ticket. “I might have hallucinated it,” Kimmel said. “He definitely looked like Julia Roberts.”

Clooney spent the majority of the interview discussing how awesome his young starlet was in the movie, especially considering it was his first step to building his acting career. “He showed up and never acted before, he did everything in one take,” Clooney said of Ranieri, joking that he put some veteran actors to shame because he never complained.

Ranieri told Kimmel how he made his first trip to visit Jimmy Kimmel Live! It led to Clooney being offered a major role in the motion picture. Kimmel even offered him a gift to congratulate Ranieri on getting the job in the first place: the PlayStation 5. Despite that, he did get a bit of a luxury for not including any games with the big gift. Ranieri says Kimmel’s assistant eventually sent him a PlayStation gift card to download some games to the console. To show his appreciation for Clooney for giving him the chance, the young star told the host that he gave everyone on set a gift-wrapped. Kimmel then asked the question: “Who is your favorite Batman, Ben Affleck or George Clooney?” Ranieri replied, “Christian Bale.”


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