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Birds of prey have always been the most terrifying dinosaurs in Jurassic movies – clever girls who were skilled at opening doors, attacking unsuspecting victims from the side, and wreaking havoc in the tall grass. But in the future Jurassic World DominionGet ready to fear a new kid (or a new 65 million year old kid) in the neighborhood. The closer Colin Trevorrow trilogy is set to introduce a new form of raptor – Atrociraptor, featured in our exclusive new photo of Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady as a serious threat.

Detail in the picture in . format empireTrevorrow explains the new version: “It’s a sequence set in Malta. And the picture speaks for itself – it’s Chris Pratt being chased by Atrociraptor. And if they can catch up, he’s going to die, I can tell you.” You must go faster!

If the intelligence of ordinary raptors was something that made them so terrified, then their cousins ​​here have the extra hustle that makes them a formidable enemy. Trevorrow explains, “When a Velociraptor is a hunter in disguise, Atrociraptor is a little bit more brutal. These things will come to you. And in this particular case, they pick his scent, and they won’t stop until he dies. They are so brutal. They are so vicious.”

That’s not all – the movie will also feature Pyroraptors among a host of other new species. And yes manager Do Choose favourites. “I love pyroraptors,” he says. “I love atrociraptors.” “There’s a little kid named Moros intrepidus, who doesn’t do a big part in the movie, but whenever he appears, I always love him.”

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