Kamala Harris Does Comedy Central Interview, It Does Not End Well

Cum Appeared On Charlemagne Tha God This is God’s true truth Friday, and it came as her spokesperson tried to cut short the interview, not once, but twice.

Former San Francisco District Attorney and now Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, appears to have had pretty terrible luck on TV talk shows. when she appeared in the view In September, we saw killer notifications on air that hosts had COVID. A similar embarrassment occurred last Friday when Harris went to Comedy Central This is God’s true truthand it ended up with a not-too-fun scene of Harris’ spokesperson Simon Sanders trying to yell at the interview until it ended off-screen.

The interview lasted 21 minutes (seen in full above), and Harris was mostly rocking her patented mix of smiling saccharin and “listen, I got it” faux austerity. She evades every difficult question with subtly pivotal to topics tested in surveys like maternal health, fibroids, lead poisoning, and the fact that little girls can grow up and be just like her.

This strategy serves her well! But at 15:34, we hear the unusual voice of Harris spokesman Simon Sanders coming off the screen and shouting, “I’m sorry, Charlemagne, this is Simon, I just want you to know that this should be our last question.”

Charlemagne decided to make it difficult. “OK. What happened to that student loan money? What happened to that promised $10,000 to students with student loan debt? Why did they back off?”

Fake Harris smiles and evades self-confidence. It works fine. But Sanders jumps back into the interview moments later, saying “It’s Simon. I’m so sorry Charlemagne. We have to turn around.”

Charlemagne did not have it, and his questions became more specific. “I want to know who the president of this country is, is it Joe Biden or Joe Mansion?” he asks. Harris then switches to a finger shake mode, and the rest of the interview goes like this:

Harris: Come on, Charlemagne. Come here. It’s Joe Biden.

Charlamagne: I can’t say sometimes.

Harris: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden, and don’t start talking like a Republican about asking if he’s president or not. and he-

Charlamagne: Do you think Joe Mansion is a problem?

HARRIS: (ignore his question) and It’s Joe Biden. And I’m the Vice President and my name is Kamala Harris, and the truth is, because in office, we’re doing things like the Child Tax Credit that will reduce black child poverty by 50% — on the right track to do it. We’re doing things about saying that our Department of Justice will do these investigations and require us to end the chokeholds and get body cameras.

It’s a job to say, we’re going to get the lead out of the tubes and paint because the kids are suffering because of it. It’s a business of saying, people who ride public transportation deserve the same kind of dignity as everyone else, so let’s improve this system. It is an act of saying that we have to reduce the costs of prescription drugs because people with diabetes should not die because they do not have enough money in their pockets. It’s about saying that black maternal deaths are a real issue that everyone, including the White House, should treat as a serious issue.

I hear the frustration. But let’s not deny the impact we’ve had, and also agree that there is a lot of work to be done. It is not easy to do, but we will not give up. I will not give up.

Whether Harris did an interview well or badly here depends on your point of view. She has kept her Teflon armor well, but it hasn’t shown any authenticity. This can be a winning informational formula, when done well. But with all due respect to Simone Sanders, she’s made her boss look like a whore with overly aggressive attempts to interrupt the interview. This will definitely lead to more criticism of Harris’ team as a “dysfunctional”, and these questions are hard to smile or teflon your way out of.

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Screenshot: Comedy Central

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