Kate McKinnon returns to ‘SNL’ as Dr. Fauci with a holiday pandemic message

“I had returned!” McKinnon’s Fauci said during McKinnon’s first appearance of the season. “Do people still think I’m sexy or are we done with it?”

Fossey MacKinnon noted that when people see him on TV they say, “Oh, that can’t be good,” while their kids note, “Wow, the Elf of the Shelf is getting old.”

SNL’s Fauci went on to talk about the new variant of the coronavirus and how, if you’ve been vaccinated, you should be well protected. However, with cases rising, people have some questions.

“Is traveling safe? Can I still use this to get out of things? I’d like never to work again,” Fossey McKinnon said were some of the questions he heard.

To help answer these questions, SNL’s Fauci has put together some scenarios starring CDC employees that will help the audience better understand what’s going on.

The first had two CDC employees, played by Mickey Day and Heidi Gardner, acting what it’s like to go to a restaurant now.

“Hey, I’d like to have Christmas dinner at your restaurant, please,” said Dai’s character.

Gardner’s character replied, “Sure, I just need to see your vaccination card.”

Dai’s character said he couldn’t find her.

“You mean, did you lose a little one inch piece of cardboard that they gave you?” Gardner’s character said, before telling him that since he lost the card he is now separated from society.

Fossey McKinnon noticed that you can only get another card – he thinks.

Some of the other scenarios included people afraid to travel during the pandemic, people visiting Santa and including public figures such as Andrew and Chris Cuomo, played by Pete Davidson and Andrew Desmocks, Representative Marjorie Taylor Green and Representative Lauren Poubert, played by Cecily Strong and Chloe Fineman, wielding rifles giant.

And they weren’t the only public figures to appear. Senator Ted Cruz, who belongs to Eddie Bryant, also attended.

“That’s right, I am, a bearded eccentric, Ted Cruz,” Cruz said of Bryant. “If you get tired of seeing me, just think how sick I am for being me.”

McKinnon then asked Fauci how he had handled the pandemic.

“Oh, the textbook is bad,” said Cruz of Bryant.

Then MacKinnon Fauci told the audience that despite our differences, there are some things we can all agree on, like spending time with our families.

Bryant’s Cruz interrupted him, “or take him solo back to Cancun.”

The cast then gathered to utter the show’s signature line: “Live…from New York! It’s Saturday night!”


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