Kate Middleton Is “Hugely Involved” in “Every Single Part” of Her Kids’ Days

So, in addition to being a working royal/future queen, Kate Middleton is a very practical mom to her three children, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. until far away Hands-on mom, it seems.

Just how hands-on? Well, according to a royal source who was described as a friend of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge “runs things at home with the kids and schedules” and “is very involved in every part of their day.”

Dealing with all the details of scheduling is part of Kate’s commitment to giving her children the most natural childhood possible for princes and princesses.

“Kate likes to keep a normal life,” said the friend. People, which also reported on other details about Kate and Prince William’s “current upbringing”, such as the fact that they state being there to pick the kids up from school, listening to their kids arguing about songs to play during breakfast, and planning plenty of family activities up in the air. The outdoors, such as cycling and beach trips.

While Kate appears to be taking the lead when it comes to managing the family’s busy schedules, a family friend told the magazine that Will is doing his part to help Kate maintain a healthy level of self-care and relax amid the frantic frenzy that runs every second of three other humans’ lives.

“William is going to get Kate a stimulant lotion,” the source said. “They take care of each other, but in different ways.”

This detail is great, but it’s not surprising either. Earlier this year, Leon Hadi from Teaching Guides spoke pass About Will and Kate’s parenting style, which he says is very much inspired by Kate’s childhood.

He said, “We give a lot of praise to Kate and William’s ‘modern fatherhood’ of their children, and it is often noted that they break ‘tradition’.”

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