Kim Kardashian Files To Be Single And Change Last Name

It looks like there will be no more “W” in “KKW”.

It seems like things are still going on with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West splitting.

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According to TMZ and Us Weekly, Kim submitted court documents to be considered legally single.

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In some states, you can file a legal dismissal application. It’s different from being divorced – you can’t marry anyone else, and they will also still have to know about custody and financial agreements.

She was also reportedly asked to take back her maiden name, which means she would ditch “West” from Kim Kardashian West if it was approved.

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This comes as Kanye has made a whole host of public attempts at reconciliation, most recently at a concert where he changed the lyrics of “Runaway” to say, “I want you to come right back to me, baby / More specifically, Kimberly” — just hours before Kim legally filed for separation. Looks like Kim herself was in the crowd.

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I don’t want to be dramatic, but I think I would die if one of my friends made a public announcement to get me back.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kim and Pete Davidson’s relationship is still going smoothly by the looks of things.

Sigh, I hope we don’t hear Ye take at the next party…

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