Kody Brown Tears Christine a New One: She’s “So Full of Bulls–t!”

Based on everything I’ve said and written over the past several months, Kristen Brown doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

Longtime Sister Wives announced on November 2 that she has finally decided to end her spiritual marriage after two decades.

In two subsequent Cameo videos, Kristen tells fans that she is so happy without Kody.

So, like we said above, Kristen seems to know she made the right romantic call here.

But just in case the mother of six had any other ideas?

Just in case she still had a clue that Cody might be her boyfriend?

Or even just a good guy in general?

All Kristen has to do is listen to the new Sunday episode of Sister Wives and she’ll instantly pat her whole back to walk away.

Cody Brown with a smile

In the next installment, which was filmed over a year ago, the couple got in at the time due to Kody’s strict COVID-19 restrictions.

As previously shown, Cody will hand his wife a list of these rules on Sunday…and they’ll react with shock at the detailed nature of what they should be doing to spend time with their spouses in the midst of a pandemic.

Cut to a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight and Cody got into a heated discussion with Kristen after final questions about why Cody allowed him and Robin’s nanny into his house…

…and yet they will not allow their daughter, Ysabel, to see her sisters.

Kristen and Cody Brown Talk

“She spends all the time,” Kristen told Cody. “She doesn’t go anywhere, her husband is the only one doing the shopping, so I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come and hang out.”

“It’s broken.”

Via an admission, Kristen continued to express her confusion about the situation, telling the camera:

“What are the nanny and her husband doing so they can come over? Because when I’m home, I do exactly what I have to do, and yet my daughters can’t see their siblings. What does the nanny do?”

kristen brown season 16 pic

Cody has made it clear all season that he takes Covid very seriously as he spends his days going from home to home.

He simply cannot get sick.

Otherwise, he will risk spreading the virus everywhere to his children and sister wives.

Despite this, on Sunday’s episode, an angry Kristen urged Cody to lift his restrictions, telling the head of the family that she and her children were as safe as possible.

Cody and Kristen Brown on TLC

But Cody doesn’t want to hear that at all.

“It doesn’t keep the same rules, it doesn’t do the same thing,” Cody claims to the camera. “It’s full of bulls**.”

From there, Kristen teases her final decision to break up with self-centered polygamy.

“It’s been six months and we’re not doing well,” Kristen told Cody of living with both Covid and Kody’s guidelines.

“I need a guarantee that we’re really going to have Thanksgiving, or else I’m leaving.”

Cody Brown, upset

(Editor’s note: Oh man, these 16th season episodes were filmed a long time ago, right?!?)

“We’re deadlocked. We don’t agree. I just finished this conversation,” Cody says in response.

“I’m done. We’re not making any progress here.

“And I hope to come back tomorrow and continue my argument or perhaps get some support.”

Kody on Sister Wives Season 16

Kristen was left in a daze after the conversation.

“I don’t even know if Cody wants to see everyone together again,” she says on air.

“I’m really, really worried about that.

“Maybe he’s okay just living apart.”

Cody Brown in season 16

Visit the official Entertainment Tonight website to see this sneak peek in full.

Then check out Cody’s last words about recognition here:

“I think it would be great for everyone to maintain our COVID protocols, so we can all be together. That would be great.

“But so far, there are no indications that everyone is willing to do this. What we have is a fundamental breakdown of trust in the family.”

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