Koratala: No Indian Actor Can Match Allu Arjun

A pre-release event for Pushpa: The Rise is underway. The event was attended by eminent personalities like Rajamouli, Koratala Siva and others.

Speaking at the event, Kuratala Siva said that no other Indian actor can match Allu Arjun in terms of acting or growing into stardom.

“The hard working nature of Allu Arjun is simply not comparable. No other Indian actor comes close to Allu Arjun when it comes to working hard for movies. He is giving his centenary year to his movies. His star is on the rise,” said Kuratala Siva.

Naveen Yerneni of Mythri Movie Makers said, “We gave it his all for the movie. Allu Arjun had to spend 2 hours a day just for make-up and then commute for 4 hours to the set. He gave everything he had for Pushpa: boarding. You’ll see. Nata Viswarupam Allu Arjun in Pushpa,” he said.

“Everyone who worked at Pushpa gave everything they had for the film,” said Ravi of Mythri Movie Makers. “I would also like to thank Samantha for her participation in our film.”

Pushpa: The Rise will be released in theaters December 17th.

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