Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ has ‘nothing to do’ with the royal: voice coach

Kristen Stewart earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ – but not everyone was convinced by her performance.

“Kristen is a beautiful artist, but the image she presents has nothing to do with Diana,” Stuart Pierce, the late royal’s voice coach, told Fox News. “He doesn’t look like Diana or look like Diana. He doesn’t have the same flow, grace or elegance as Diana. What Kristen did was develop a stunt performance where everything is choppy. It wasn’t basically a part of Diana’s nature. Everything about her was seamless. “.

The film, directed by Pablo Larrain, focuses on the Christmas weekend the Princess of Wales spent with the royal family leading up to her divorce from Prince Charles. Stewart, 31, made, for the first time in her career, the first nominee for Best Actress in an Oscar nomination.

Pearce shared: “Pablo is clearly intrigued by the hidden truth and shock of womanhood.” “But his view is based very loosely on a series of ideas that he captured… Artists are certainly entitled to their own perceptions, but if you’re going to deal with a biography of a world famous and iconic figure who brought about the changes Diana brought about, I feel that attention to detail is essential.”

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“The story felt surreal,” he continued. “While Diana was in great turmoil, she also had great victories. But in ‘Spencer,’ there’s no salvation. It’s just horror, horror, horror. Maybe that’s what Pablo wanted to create, but it’s not the Diana I knew.”

Pierce, who worked with Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Shakespeare Company before befriending the Princess of Wales, recently wrote a book about their work together called Diana: The Voice of Change. It explores her life principles and how she became a “liberating force” as a monarchy before her untimely death in 1997 at the age of 36.

While Pierce was not impressed by Stewart’s portrayal, there was one actress who garnered her praise. He said interpreting Emma Corinne as a young Diana in Netflix’s The Crown was “pure joy”.

“The way she shaped her body, the way she shaped her voice, the way she breathed, the way she moved — they were all completely identical to what Diana was about,” Pierce said. “She did her homework. What Kristen did was turn her into a caricature instead of developing herself as an artist.”

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Princess Diana has died of injuries sustained in a car accident in Paris. She was 36 years old.
(AP Photo/Jim Bourdier)

Pierce said he was not surprised that “Spencer” touches on Diana’s marriage to Charles because it is “part of the story.”

“It’s a very unique story,” Pearce said. “And there are aspects of her life that many people don’t understand. The truth is that she loved Prince Charles and he didn’t love her. So she had to find space for her passion. But there was more to Diana. She was one of the most cheerful and quick-witted beings I had the great honor and pleasure to know. and work with her.”

He continued, “She was a beautiful young woman who wanted to experience the vitality of life.” “She was happy [in her final] years. She met Dodi Fayed, a kind, loving human being with great manners who really wanted to take care of and protect her. She was very happy too. Was she in love with him? I do not think so. She didn’t talk about falling in love. She was having a great time. There was more to her story.”

Pierce first met Diana in November 1995 and they kept in touch until her death.


Josh O'Connor and Emma Corinne play Prince Charles and Princess Diana in The Crown.

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corinne play Prince Charles and Princess Diana in The Crown.

“She was an ordinary human being,” he said, “but her iconic status made her extraordinary.” “The first thing Diana wanted to do when she came to see me in my studio in London was do some laundry. She wanted to root and clean because that was what made her tick. She loved cleaning. And I loved having so much.”

Pierce said he’s not surprised that Hollywood is still fascinated by Diana. However, he hopes that other elements of her life, and who she was, will eventually be explored on the big screen.

“There is a tremendous amount of information about Diana,” he said. The difficulty is that we all have an idea of ​​who Diana was.

Back in July, on Diana’s 60th birthday, Pierce recalled his favorite princess memory.

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Diana, Princess of Wales, has been the subject of many projects in Hollywood.

Diana, Princess of Wales, has been the subject of many projects in Hollywood.
(Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

“Whenever I arrived for a session, she would always say to me, ‘Do you have any laundry?’ Pierce laughed at the time. “I mean washing china or crockery. It was her way of getting knit and casual. Before she married Prince Charles, she lived in an apartment with three girlfriends. She loved cleaning the house. She absolutely loved it. I would laugh whenever my guest came and offered them tea, Because I remember Diana came and said, “Can I wash anything? She was saying to me, ‘Can I iron any of your shirts?” to be washed.”

“We used to laugh a lot,” Pierce shared. “She was so much fun and can be really naughty with her sense of humor. It wasn’t at anyone’s expense, but we were laughing so much that sometimes we even forgot what we were laughing about. And you can’t help but laugh because her laugh was so infectious.”

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