Kristin Davis audition for the role of Monica on Friends

Kristen Davis

Kristen Davis
Photo: Demetrius Kambouris (Getty Images)

Sex and the City the actor Kristen DavisShe is best known for her role as Charlotte York in The HBO TV series, fulfills a long tradition of reflecting on previous roles she auditioned for, and on How would everything be different if you landed this is turn instead of who – which One.

As it turns out, Davis was “one of 8,000 young women who read to Monica” in another popular movie New York based band series –friends. Davis They were also yoga buds with Courteney Cox, who would end up landing the part.

“Courtney and I were in the same yoga class at the time, and we were hanging out,” says Davis. Late Late Show with James Corden. “The rest of us, like unemployed actresses and waitresses, were hanging out after school.”

After landing the role successfully and then after that Pilot’s photography friendsCox invited Davis to go buy something nice and shiny in preparation for all the money she was about to make.

“One day, Courteney’s response was like, ‘Hey guys, do you want to come with me to buy the car?'” Davis says. ”

Cox wasn’t just buying any cars – she was Brand new Porsche.

We were like, ‘Wow! Is it real? ”

friends Broadcasting started in 1994, but it won’t be long until Davis gets her own money to buy a Porsche after that Sex and the City She debuted in 1998. After playing Charlotte York for eight seasons on the original series, she has now replenished the role of the reboot. and like that, who seeks to modernize the show by following Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie as they navigate their fifties.

and now, We can imagine what friends It would be like if Davis snagged the role, and how Charlotte’s character would never be the same. New episodes of And like that… Weekly Thursday broadcasts on HBO Max.


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