Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet makes ‘SNL’ as her case attracts international attention | News

Lafayette City Court Judge Michel Audenette was mentioned during this week’s episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, the TV comedy show.

“A Louisiana judge took a leave of absence after she was videotaped using the N-word,” black comedian Michael Che said during the “Special Christmas Weekend Update” segment of the show. It’s the kind of story that makes me wonder, ‘Why are Kenin and I (Thompson, another black actor who works with SNL) the only members here? “You know what I’m saying.”

The Louisiana Supreme Court temporarily excluded Udinet this week after racist slur videos were taken in her home. The case attracted national and international attention.

Screenshots from Facebook posts from 2019 and 2020 indicate that Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odent was trying to arrest an individual suspected of…

She has appeared on outlets such as CNN, CBS News, and NBC. The New York Times, Washington Post, Half-Post and TMZ covered the story, along with Britain’s BBC, the Guardian and the Sun.

The Odinet case was featured in Spanish by the American network Univision and CNN en Español as well.

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This week, Odinet’s attorney, Dane Ciolino, confirmed to The Acadiana Advocate that Odinet used racial insults in the video filmed at her home. He said she will seek unpaid leave from the Judiciary Committee while it considers its future actions.

After a recording emerged from the home of a Lafayette judge and her family and others using racial slurs, one of her children was removed…

A Louisiana Supreme Court order, dated December 16, said Odint had requested provisional disqualification, which the state’s Judicial Committee upheld. It will not be paid while it is on hold. The order stated that the judiciary had received more than 100 complaints.

A number of elected officials, including Governor John Bel Edwards and U.S. State Representative Troy Carter of New Orleans, have called on Odinette to resign.

Lafayette Mayor Josh Guillory said Wednesday that he is “disgusted and appalled by the recent reports about a local judge. This kind of language is hurtful, divisive and unacceptable. Fairness and objectivity in our courts are the foundation of our legal system. I hope the judge will do what is best to help the community to Recover and move on.”

The Louisiana Supreme Court has excluded Judge Michelle Oudenet during the investigation

The Louisiana Supreme Court on Friday issued an order temporarily removing Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odent from the bench…

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