Larry David’s Rant Against Christmas Is A Joy To The World

The grumpy “Seinfeld” co-creator has celebrated “Scrooginess” right from the start.

David wrote: “I am a creature of habit and I take nothing away from my usual routine.” “That’s why I hate all holidays, but nothing like Christmas.”

David complained about lost holiday movies and shopping – “never without resentment”.

But his Grinch-like existence eventually became a lifesaver.

“The invitations started fading until they finally stopped completely, and then it finally happened – I was going to be alone on Christmas Day. Alone! Christmas Day!” He completed. “All those years of complaining and kvetching finally paid off. I was the envy of everyone I knew.”

Now, he said, “Eating Chinese food by myself on Christmas Day has become a cherished annual ritual, which I look forward to finishing building in the house next door.”

David, who is described as a “Jewish atheist,” eats cookies from the nativity scene in a 2002 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but tries to make up for it. Did the crunches save Cheryl’s birthday? Asks plot description on IMDB.


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