Lash Legend 205 Live Debut Called The Worst WWE Television Match Of The Year

WWE is working hard to sign legitimate players from sports other than wrestling in hopes of developing them into superstars. They are delving into college sports with the new NIL program. Athletes from the worlds of football, basketball, athletics and others are being considered as potential future locations.

The company has already brought in many of these employees. Gable Steveson is an Olympic gold medalist. Jaylen Williams is a former Penn State basketball player who is now known as Raelyn Divine. There is a clear direction for where the company wants to go with its talent acquisition in the future.

One of those signatures may be on the path to disaster. After former WNBA star Lash Legend got people talking with her “Lashing Out” interview clip on NXT 2.0, fans were excited to see her ring debut. That debut finally came on Live Show 205 that aired December 17, 2021. According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, things didn’t go as planned.

“I didn’t watch the match, but inside and outside the company, there was a lot of talk about Lash Legend’s debut broadcast live 12/17 205 in a match against Sarray, who would have been one of the most experienced women on the NXT roster. Even if I didn’t see it there would be a huge difference in size.Those who just watched the match on 205 Live have noticed how it was probably the worst match on WWE broadcasts this year and came back ripping on coaches and the like.

From inside sources, we’re told it was one of the most edited matches before it aired, and was described as being cut short to 3:00 “highlights”, and as such it was still WWE’s worst television match of the year. The legend would be the most accomplished athlete on the list by a large margin although that doesn’t mean her sport as a WNBA player (although it was short-lived) and the college basketball star’s transition to professional wrestling is like Belair or Flair’s sports. “

It seems like it’s not as simple as taking an elite athlete and giving them some training. The legend is new to the quadratic circle. She came from a completely different sport. Over time, you may become a seasoned professional wrestler. Many within WWE are questioning the company’s decision to rush its debut. It could affect the future of the lash ligand.

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December 24, 2021 9:11 am

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