Legion of Super-Heroes Animated Series Coming From Bendis

Supergirl and Saturn Girl appear before the Legion of Superheroes.

Legion is heading to broadcast.
picture: Ryan Suk / DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis Busy man. He is currently working hard on writing his final versions of Justice Squad The main series, he still writes both the Justice League / Superhero Leaguecross And Naomiand Eisner nominated him to David Mack coverage Coming to HBO Max as an adult animated series. Apparently, Bendis’s script for coverage The pilot was really well received, because he’s now doing a job Legion of Superheroes TV series for streaming service as well.

The writer announced this in a sprawling post on his newsletter, JinxworldAfter mentioning his delivery coverage Pilot for HBO Max execs [sic]:

So, miracles of miracles, I then asked HBO what I wanted to do and if there were any DC properties that I thought would make an interesting show. I may have yelled the word LEGION louder than you’d like in a normal adult business meeting. Well, today’s headline is… HBO Max put me to work on a file Superhero Choir TV program.”

“At the moment it is being developed as an animated show for adults. Can you tell me I’m jumping up and down on this? I’ve been working on it for a while, and last week I’ve been sent to the next one,” Bendis continued, before adding: “The facts: It’s”So early but I can tell you tHis will will be an adaptation to Legion of Superheroes Which Ryan Sock and I have been working on for the past few years. Think Legion of Superheroes They are among the greatest franchises in comic history and I am honored to sponsor them as I was in Spider-Ma. “

Special Bendis Legion of Superheroes The comic series, which ran for 12 issues, brought Superman’s son, Jon Kent, into the 31st century to join the team. She also pitted the Legion against General Zod and the Kryptonians-Hating Rogol Zaar, he introduced the Golden Lantern built on joy, and raised the “Great Darkness” for future issues (which will be resolved in the future) Justice League vs. Legion of Superheroes The Bendis crossover is also working on). It will be interesting to see how the writer brings this esoteric series, which builds heavily on his previous run SupermanThis work will eventually be incorporated Justice Squad, in a show that people who haven’t read his work can grumble.

Bendis announces this incredibly early, so it’s very likely that we won’t be seeing this Legion of Superheroes Until 2023 or so, assuming HBO picks it up at all after trial order. But since I keep renewing titans And Doom Patrol, There are movies like bat girl On the way, the streaming service seems to be excited enough on DC Comics content that Legion will likely have its chance, too.

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