LG StanbyME TV Is Just a Tablet on a Stick

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LG offers us A sneak peek at what next year’s gadgets will look like with a preview of their CES 2022 announcements, which Includes 2 TVs Designed to blend in with your home décor by mimicking things already in your home.

If you’ve ever connected your tablet to a mobile stand for more relaxing gaming sessions or for watching streaming content, you’ve already tried the new LG StanbyME TV. (Yes, it is spelled “stan” and not “stand.”) With a 27-inch screen, It is much larger than any tablet on the market. sYou can remove it from the adjustable stand and use it as a large touch screen tablet, but Your best bet is to move it from room to room using a set of wheels hidden under the base of its display stand, sort of like the modern-day equivalent of a school TV cart that is moved from classroom to classroom.

LG has not released details about the technical specifications of StanbyME, but you can plug it into the wall or use it cordless with the built-in rechargeable battery that unfortunately provides Only three hours of watching time. You can use it like any other smart TV with built-in apps for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and other popular streaming services, or you can copy content to it wirelessly from an iOS or Android smartphone. she has wired connections To call flocking sticks or laptops, but strangely enough, the LG StanbyME does not have a built-in camera. If you want to use it for video calls, you need to put your smartphone on the front using a removable mount and rely on the front camera instead.

The best feature might be LG’s attempt to make the boring case colors of 80’s and 90’s desktops seem like an underappreciated design trend.

“The TV features a textured fabric back cover in a solid beige finish, bringing a warm, natural feel to any space.”

Kudos to LG for trying to make beige a deliberate design choice and not just a default color choice.

Image for the article called LG Thinks the Future of TVs is just a tablet on stick

In addition to StanbyME, LG also announced the new TV object Which reminds us of that giant painting you bought at a flea market two years ago but haven’t wandered into the living room yet. On the wall with a blanket lying on top of it. Instead of a blanket, the Objet TV features a fabric-covered sliding panel that can be lowered with the push of a button to reveal a large 65-inch OLED evo panel underneath, but for ease of installation, LG also suggests it can be rested simply against a wall at a “nice five-degree angle.” TA hose that is not preferred to simply be left tilted also has the option to mount it to the wall.

The sliding panel on the Objet TV (available in three canvas color options: Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood and Kvadrat Green) can also be used to partially reveal the OLED screen, turning the set into a giant audio player or just displaying information when you’re not watching TV. The panel also hides an 80W speaker system, while the TV support frame makes it easy to hide cables for set-top boxes, consoles, and other connected devices. Pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, but it probably won’t come cheap.


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