Lonely Christmas Turns MAGA Horror Show On ‘Saturday Night Live’

A good neighbor (Billie Eilish) invites a lonely elderly woman (Kate McKinnon) to a holiday dinner with handwritten notes through her windows, and gets more than she bargained for in sketching a creepy “Saturday Night Live” ad.

So grateful, McKinnon wrote “I’d like you to” come, but then asks, “Are there any black people out there?…Jews?”

She writes to Eilish “To cherish your family. My family is all dead… For me. Vote for a woman president. Disgraceful.”

But then things turn into a horror movie when she writes: “I didn’t kill my husband. Margaret did.”

Her troubled son writes behind her back: “It’s Margaret.”

Turns out it’s a deceptive Nextdoor ad: “Know your neighbor before you love your neighbor” is the catchphrase.


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