LuLaRich Meets PEN15 in HBO Max’s Beanie Mania Trailer

Are we so nostalgic that our commercial documentaries should only be for kids in the ’90s? HBO Max says yes. Submit Penny mania A new Max original that promises to capture epic highs and lows High school football The ’90s mania game, all set to the sound of Fat Boy Slim. Beanie Mania Takes a look at Ty Warner’s plush empire – giving all the dramatic irony and quirky characters of the true crime document, plus all the #tbt’s longing for a simpler time than The games that made us. The trailer leaves us only one question: Does Beanie Mania Princess Diana includes Beanie Baby, thus worthy of the documents Inclusion in another obsession, 2021 Diana Manya? We will know when Beanie Mania Premieres on HBO Max on December 23.

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