Mama Tina And Zendaya’s Mom, Claire, Are The Powerhouse Duo We Never Knew We Needed!

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Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawson, aka Mama Tina prepares for her new talk show on Facebook Watch, Talking to Mama Tina, Which is broadcast today on the social networking site. To celebrate the launch, Mama Tina took to Instagram to share some sneak peeks of what fans can expect at the upcoming show, including a clip with Zendaya’s mother, Claire.

In the short 22-second social media clip, Ms. Tina and Ms. Claire appear to have a deep conversation about jewelry and crystals, something Zendaya’s mother is an expert in. Ms. Tina shared the adorable video on her IG page and explained exactly what was going on in the video in her caption.

This is Zendaya’s beautiful mum Claire,” she told fans. “She makes the most amazing jewelry with crystals and she knows every meaning of each crystal, she’s a traveling encyclopedia of the healing properties of crystals.”

Mama Tina continued, “The necklaces are so beautiful and delicate, she gave me three to wear together to wear together, and I’ll post later how beautiful they are! Her site is: @kizzmetjewelry Gorgeous last minute Christmas gifts. Be sure to tune in today to hear my amazing talk with Miss Claire and Zendayatoday at the hour 5 p.m. L.A. time on Facebook, watch @kizzmetjewelryzendaya.”

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Check out the great video below.

Zendaya commented on the video of her and Mamas Beyoncé in a deep conversation about jewelry, writing, “

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,” in the comments section. While another fan wrote, “Beyoncé’s mom and Zendaya mom are casually talking about jewelry! Nice to see such powerful princes.”

Beyoncé’s mom and Zendaya’s mom are the tough mommy duo we didn’t know we needed, but now we can’t get enough of!

Conversations with Mama Tina It was first set this week on Facebook Watch. Hosted by Knowles-Lawson, the show will feature candid and lively conversations with some of her closest friends in the entertainment industry. Mama Tina shared a teaser for the new show on her Instagram page yesterday, which features a song sung by anyone other than Beyoncé and excerpts from her conversations with celebrity guests including Kevin Hart, Chloe x Hal, Kelly Rowland, and of course, Zendaya.

Check it out below.

Conversations with Mama Tina Premieres Wednesday 12/23 at 5 PM PT on Facebook Watch.

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