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you may know Maria Menounos As an entertainment reporter, author, actor, producer, or even as a professional WWE wrestler. But the multi-hyphenated artist now has something unusual to add to that list: Today, she’s a brain tumor survivor and health advocate. In 2017, just two months after her mother developed brain cancer, it was revealed that the 43-year-old had a brain tumor “the size of a golf ball”, which was pressing on her facial nerves. The mother and daughter underwent surgery and recovered together in the months that followed, as she shared in a video posted to YouTube last April.

Fans were shocked by the news of Menounos’ illness, given her youth and fondness for health and fitness. Now, she’s opening up about the details of her condition and recovery — including the symptoms that initially alerted her to the fact that something was seriously wrong. Read on to learn about the symptoms she first noticed, and to find out how she’s been doing since the seven-hour surgery that saved her life.

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Menounos says she first realized she had a health problem when she started having daily headaches and dizziness. She said, “I had this terrible headache every day, and I was very dizzy when I got up from the couch. My vision was blurry.” Today in 2018.

On some days, her symptoms were more severe, but Menounos says it took it all back to the stress and exhaustion of her career and the stress of caring for her ailing mother. the And! News She told the executing host that sometimes she might get smeared in her speech. In these moments, she remembered, she was joking a lot about her having a tumour, thinking she was pretty healthy. “I never imagined in a million years that I had a brain tumor,” she said.

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Although frequent headaches and dizziness were the symptoms that eventually prompted her to see a doctor, Menounos says she experienced mild symptoms for at least two years before seeking medical attention. She remembered, “I was exhausted and didn’t know why. Everyone told me it was because I worked so hard.” Today. Although she didn’t take any action at the time, she remembers that this explanation “didn’t really fit” with her. “I remember feeling like my whole body was locked in. I didn’t know what was wrong with me,” Menounos said. “Now I look back and my body was screaming at me…My body was trying to send signals to me and I was ignoring them because I was so busy,” she said.

The TV presenter said that when she developed an earache on top of her other symptoms, she could no longer ignore that something was wrong. When she listed her symptoms at the doctor’s office, she finally had what she describes as an “aha moment”–the sudden realization that her symptoms weren’t that different from her mother’s. After a series of examinations, her doctor confirmed that she actually had a large, benign hemangioma known as a hemangioma in the back of her brain.

The most important takeaway from her diagnosis, she says, is that you can’t get rid of symptoms if you suspect something is wrong. “When your body makes noises, go to the doctor – just like when your car makes noises, take it to the mechanic. Don’t stop looking for the answers,” she said. Today.

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Unfortunately, due to her own five-year battle with cancer, the mother of Menounos, Litsa MenounosHe passed away in May of this year. The TV star shared the news on Instagram with a touching black and white photo of her mother during her final days. The caption read, “Mom RIP. God loved her so much that he took her for Greek Easter.”

Although Menounos was saddened by her mother’s tragic death, she shared in her YouTube video in April that her mother’s longevity exceeded doctors’ expectations. “It’s been a crazy few years for us but my mom has been a complete miracle,” she said. “We don’t listen to the stats in this house, but they all said she had an average of six to 12 months. [left to live]. Well, we’re almost five years old and she’s had good years,” And! News The host added, a month before Litsa’s death.

While there may be a few silver touches to her mother’s condition, Menounos revealed while speaking to People Watching her mother’s strength while she was ill gave her the courage to deal with her devastating diagnosis. “Every night I would pray, please God, give me the strength that my mother had,” she told the magazine.

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After the life-saving surgery, Menounos said she experienced a range of recovery symptoms, which affected her vision, balance, ability to walk, and more. Fortunately, one year after the surgery, I got involved with it Today Her persistent symptoms were minimal. “I feel good. There are little things, but nothing important,” she said, noting that her prognosis was “fantastic,” with only a six percent chance of regrowth of the tumor.

While her mother’s death is definitely looming for the TV star, Menounos shared it with her husband. Kevin Andergaro They are now looking forward to the next stage of their marriage: the development of their family. The couple announced plans to pursue children via surrogacy, a decision they made due to Menounos’ complicated health history. “I want a baby so badly, but I don’t want him to be in danger to her health,” Andergaro said. People earlier this year. The couple added that while they aren’t expecting it yet, they look forward to “sharing the good news” when they can.

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